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Course Summary

  • Are you trying to animate, alter and composite media in 2D and 3D? If so,  Adobe After Effects is all it takes. This tool is an industry-standard motion graphics and a  visual-effects composer with built-in tools and plug-ins. you can simply create anything you can imagine.


Course Contents

  • Introduction

    • After Effects workflow
    • Video Terminology
    • SMPTE timecode
    • After Effects interface

    Importing Footage

    • Importing assets
    • Looping video footage
    • Importing Photoshop & Illustrator files
    • Converting Photoshop text layers
    • Continuous rasterize
    • Interpreting footage

    Starting a Project

    • Setting up a Project
    • Setting up a Composition
    • Layers and the Timeline
    • Animating layers independently
    • Trimming and moving layers
    • Uninterrupted previews
    • Customising preview panel
    • Keyboard shortcuts

    Understanding Key Frames

    • Layer attributes/transform properties
    • Changing the anchor point
    • Creating Keyframes
    • Auto orient along path
    • Keyframe assistants
    • Copying and pasting keyframes
    • Spatial and temporal interpolation
    • Simultaneously editing keyframes
    • Moving motion paths
    • Retiming animations
    • Introduction to Graph Editor
    • Motion blur

    Linking Methods in After Effects

    • Parent/child relationships
    • Pre-Compose/nesting
    • Duplicating layers and comps

    Working with Effects

    • Applying Effects
    • Animating Effects
    • The Lumetri Color Effect
    • Wipes, Path Effects
    • Using adjustment layers
    • Solid layers
    • Vignettes
    • Blending Modes

    Working with Text

    • Text layers
    • Text attributes, source text
    • Animating text
    • Text on a path
    • Finding and applying presets
    • Editing and saving custom animation presets
    • Adding Layer styles to text and layers

    Introduction to Using Mattes

    • Creating Track mattes
    • Alpha Channels

    Using Masks

    • Drawing mask shapes
    • Mask properties
    • Animating masks

    Keying Techniques (green screen)

    • Understanding the Keying workflow
    • Using Keylight Effect

    Motion Tracking

    • Tracking moving footage
    • Track Transform, Perspective corner pin
    • Motion stabilization

    Time Stretching - Speed Change

    • Changing playback speed
    • Reverse speed
    • Time remapping
    • Frame Blending/pixel motion blur

    Puppet Pin Tool

    • Puppet pin tool
    • Overlap & Starch tool

    Shape Tools

    • Drawing and Animating Shapes
    • Adding Animators to Shapes

    Introduction to Working in 3D Space

    • Creating a layer in 3D space
    • 3D text animation
    • Introduction to Cameras and lights

    Final Rendering - Saving Your Work

    • Adding your project to the render Queue
    • Using Adobe Media Encoder to output .mp4 files for web
    • Render settings for multiple outputs
    • Understanding video formats
    • TV Broadcast and web standards
    • Pixel aspect ratios
    • Common DV Codecs

    Course Outcome

    By the end of this class, you will have the knowledge and practical experience to start building your own motion graphics projects.  

    Who needs the course

    • Graphics Designers
    • Web designer

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