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Three simple tips for Higher IELTS score!

Tip #1: Using the IELTS format itself as an advantage:   For Listening test, first identify the KEYWORDS and then wait for your keyword because the next word will be the answer. Moreover, on attending section one, rather than verifying your answers after recording says so , get straight into second section questions and begin reading them and make the keywords. This means You  still will have time left to verify your answers by the end as you’ll have 10 more minutes on hand to transmit your answers. Understanding test format and being strategic on optimizing available time help you achieve higher band.

Tip #2: Use  the right order in doing things saves time: For Reading test,  managing time efficiently is what most students face a challenge. The most right order of  actions  in Reading part can save you time. Many Students say  matching the headings, True/ False take a longer time. But  by doing in paragraph order, one can  conserve time. So simply  try paragraph after paragraph instead of headings order. Look at paragraph 1, go through the headings list and then  pick a most suitable heading. Repeat similarly with second Paragraph. In this way you don't get to read a paragraph more than once.   The less time you spend reading is time you  are actually saving. Again Understanding of the question is mandatory.

Tip 3 Don’t simply continue practicing tests and repeat the identical mistakes. Everyone is different. Try to find out where you need to focus as soon as possible, No point in repeating tests if you know your weaknesses and Build on it.

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