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Course Summary

  • LearnersPoint offers Complete AutoCAD 2d/3d Practical Training Enrolling on an AutoCAD course or undertaking AutoCAD training is without doubt the best way to start building your 2D or 3D computer aided design skills as 2D drafting and 3D modeling form important core skills that are required across all design disciplines.

    AutoCAD 2D Course Training

     In this course, you will learn to use effectively the many features of AutoCAD 2D, including commands, plotting, crosshatching, and palettes. The instructor will show you how to work with dimensions, regions, boundaries, as well as understand isometrics and viewports. Upon course completion, you will be able to handle AutoCAD 2D skills and produce professionally executed drawings. The course uses AutoCAD Official Training Courseware, which is provided free of charge to all participants.

    AutoCAD 3D Course Training

    In this course, you will learn to use effectively the many features of AutoCAD 3D including commands, objects, surfaces, and solids. The instructor will show you how to manipulate backgrounds, light, material, and landscaping to your needs. You will be provided with a copy of Autodesk Official Training Courseware on AutoCAD 3D skills in the course.

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Course Contents

  • Module 1. Exploring the User Interface

    Module 2. Managing Files and Options

    Module 3. Navigating Drawings

    Module 4. Drawing Objects

    Module 5. Modifying Objects

    Module 6. Drawing Accurately

    Module 7. Practicing Drawing Projects

    Module 8. Hatching and Creating Gradients

    Module 9. Writing

    Module 10. Dimensioning

    Module 11. Managing Object and Layer Properties

    Module 12. Learning Reusing Content

    Module 13. Defining Attributes and Configuring Tables

    Module 14. Making External References

    Module 15. Working with Layouts and Annotation

    Module 16. Creating Output

    Module 17. Working with Static Blocks

    Module 18. Applying Geometric and Dimensional Constraints

    Module 19. Designing Dynamic Blocks

    Module 20. Accessing Blocks on a Local Area Network


    Target Audience

    • Civil Engineers
    • Architects 
    • Draftsmen

    Course Outcomes

    Essential image editing

    Applying layers and masks

    Applying effects

    Applying 3d effects for illusions

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