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Course Summary


    LearnersPoint's Auto-desk Navisworks training course offers students best approaches to combine 3D cross-discipline geometric drawings into a single outlook t enabling effective models.  Through a hands-on, training customizable curriculum, students learn how to open, review, quantify, and run object-interference checks on 3D models and create 4D construction simulations.

    Who needs the course:

    New and experienced Autodesk Navisworks users with knowledge on 3D design and task-scheduling.

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Course Contents

  • Getting Started:

    1. Workspace Overview

    2. Open and Append Files in Navisworks

    3. Save, Merge and Refresh Files

    4. Database Support (Data Tools)



    3D Model Review:

    1. Selection Tree and Selecting Objects

    2. Hide Objects and Overriding Materials

    3. Object Properties

    4. Measure and Move Objects

    5. Viewpoints

    6. Comments and Redlining

    7. Sectioning

    8. Compare Models


    Time Lines

    1. Import Tasks from External Project Files

    2. TimeLine Simulation

    3. Configure and Define a Simulation

    4. Simulation Export


    Presenter Basics:

    1. Apply Materials to Model Items

    2. Add Lighting Effects to a Scene

    3. Add Background Effects

    4. Rendering Effects

    5. Outputting Rendered Images

    6. Outputting Animations (Videos)


    Clash Detective:

    1. Select Items to be Clashed

    2. Clash Test Settings

    3. Setting Clash Rules

    4. Clash Results

    5. Clash Test Reporting

    6. Audit Checks

    7. Create and Save Batches of Tests

    8. Export and Import Clash Tests

    9. Custom Clash Tests

    10. Hold and Release Objects

    11. Switchback in Clash Detective

    12. Time-Based Clashing

    Course outcome

    Navigate through the interface easily

    Use the essential elements and accuracy drafting devices in Navisworks to create precise specialized drawings.

    Create appealing outlines in 3D environment.

    Take practical yields for presentation



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