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Course Summary

  • Business Etiquette Training course for the people who want to inculcate astonishing Language, Behaviour and Attire skills to enhance their staging in order to reach back-breaking client’s requirements, in addition to that this program is entirely based on live activities to an acquaintance with Business domain, finally boosts our propensity to deal with arduous assignments.  

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    Who needs the Course?

    Entrepreneurs, HR Professionals, Corporate Employees who are involved in Sales, Marketing Professionals, and Freelancers.

Course Contents

  • Modules

    • Module 1 Introduction to Business English & Importance of Business Communication
    • Module 2 Understanding the Importance of Politeness in Business - Structures and Expressions of Politeness
    • Module 3 Learn The Present, Past, and Future Tense
    • Module 4 Learn to Prepare for Job interview
    • Module 5 Application of Business English skills for Customer care
    • Module 6 Learn How to Say Negative Things in a Positive Way
    • Module 7 Learn Editing for Agreement in Business Writing
    • Module 8 Learn Professional Telephone Etiquette 

    Course Outcome

    • Compose an email to a customer outside your country
    • respond to a customer grievance
    • Interviewing a candidate applying for a Job
    • Convincing an angry customer

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