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Course Summary

  • Accounting and Finance

    About the course

    CMA ( Certified Management Accountant) credential is the top in the line  professional - certification that adds a real value to your Profile. The course demonstrates students command on vital accounting and financial-management skills that are in demand today  enriching your employability options.

    Since 1972 more than 30,000 professionals worldwide  have merited with this valuable certifications and are in highest demand by the employers across.

    Who needs the course

    Management Professionals in Finance & Commerce.

    Finance Management Graduates.

Course Contents

  • Modules

    Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Control book

    Unit 1.           Ethics for Management Accountants and Cost Management concepts

    Unit 2.           Cost Accumulation Systems.

    Unit 3.           Cost Allocation Techniques.

    Unit 4.           Operational Efficiency and Business Process Performance
    Unit 5.           Budgeting Concepts and Forecasting Techniques

    Unit 6.           Budget Methodologies and Budget Preparation Unit 7. Cost and Variance Measures

    Unit 8.           Responsibility Accounting and Performance Measures

    Unit 9.           Internal Controls -- Risk and Procedures for Control Unit 10. Internal controls.


    Part 2: Financial Decision Making book

    Unit 1.           Ethics for the Organization and Basic Financial Statements

    Unit 2.           Ratio Analysis

    Unit 3.           Profitability Analysis and Analytical Issues
    Unit 4.           Investment Risk and Portfolio Management
     Unit 5.          Financial Instruments and Cost of Capital
    Unit 6.           Managing Current Assets

    Unit 7.           Raising Capital, Corporate Restructuring, and International Finance
    Unit 8.           CVP Analysis and Marginal Analysis

    Unit 9.           Decision Analysis and Risk Management
    Unit 10.         Investment Decisions

    Course outcome

    Gain complete knowledge and skills regarding the CMA program.

    Develop skills in Budgeting overall financial planning and performance of Business.

    Understand   cost management,  forecasting  strategic planning, controls and  ethics standards while conducting Business.

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