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Course Summary

  • LearnersPoint 's CHRM Program

    Bigger, Better & Clear.

    Having a solid grounding in the functional areas of traditional HR, such as compensation or recruitment and retention, is now just the price of admission. To really make your mark and have a measurable and recognised impact, you as a human resource and labour relations professional need a deeper toolkit.

     In this uniquely conceptualised program by LearnersPoint, learn how to pull on key HR levers and make adjustments within the HR function for greater impact in the larger organisation.

    The program’s curriculum has been validated by both scholarly and professional research. It incorporates the ground-breaking work by David Ulrich and others, that identifies the knowledge and abilities that people management practitioners require now and in the coming years to be credible and valuable contributors. 


Course Contents

  • Module 1- HR Policies & Strategies

    • Formulation of fair HR policies and strategies
    • Components in HR policies
    •   Implementation & steps to develop an HR strategy

    Module 2- Employee Development

    • Organisational change and development
    • Training and Training Framework
    • Development of a Training Program
    • Learning and development
    • Talent and career development

    Module 3- HR Competencies

    • Transformation & value of HR
    • Understanding HR competencies
    • Developing HR competency framework

    Module 4- Strategic Staffing

    • Reducing recruitment costs
    • Techniques to attract job candidates
    • Making organisation the employer of choice

    Module 5- Competency-Based Performance Management

    • Different categories of behavioural competencies
    • Design a competency-based appraisal form 
    • Staff performance and feedback
    • Rewarding staff 

    Module 6- Compensation and Rewards Management

    • Design an equity pay system
    • Market pay practices
    • Indirect and direct pay components
    • Salary policy and model

         Module 7- HR Measurement &  Metrics

    • Determine and create various HR measurement & metrics
    • Using metrics to measure ROI 
    •  Develop HR Scorecard


    Module 8- HR Business Partnering

    • Alignment of HR and Business Strategies
    • Effective Organisation Diagnosis
    • Implementation of HR Business Partnering 



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