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    About the course

    Efficient and effective document management enables  quality and control.  It also helps centralize and control various forms of data on a project  enabling deliver on schedule . This programme is packaged to equip prospective document controllers with all the skills required to manage their documents. It includes advanced knowledge of Document Control systems and documentation and Document Control tasks and processes.

Course Contents

  • Modules

    Module 1. Introduction to Document Control

    Module 2. The Basics of Document Control

    Module 3. Document Identification

    Module 4. Document Classifying & Filing

    Module 5. Document Distribution

    Module 6. Managing Documents Throughout Their Lifecycle

    Module 7. As-Built and Final Documentation

    Module 8. Document Control Procedures and Specifications

    Module 9. Electronic Document Management Systems

    Module 10. Interactions with project teams, engineering teams, managers

    Target Audience

    HR professionals

    Executive secretaries

    Would-be document controlers.

    Course outcomes

     Build a document control system that satisfies your quality management requirements

    Follow a document throughout its life cycle, from creation to retirement

    Establish guidelines for consistent document appearance, notation and circulation

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