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Course Summary


    Our  MCSE  Exchange 2016 preparation  classes help you learn how to deploy, manage and administer advanced and core features of the Exchange Server 2016. 

    You will also learn     designing and configuration of most advanced components of deploying Exchange Server 2016 with high availability and site resilience and most 
    advanced security features.. This comprehensive course also covers compliance, archiving, and discovery solutions


    Who needs the course

    Network Administrators.

    IT Professionals.

    System Administrators

Course Contents

    • Installing latest Exchange 2016 Server and fundamentals.
    • Basic day to day management of  Exchange Server 2016. 
    • Creation and management of several recipient objects in the Server
    • Using Exchange Management Shell for creating and managing several recipient objects
    • Performing a variety of tasks for automating procedures. 
    • Configuring client connectivity for Exchange Server and also managing Access services. 
    • Implementing and managing the high availability. 
    • Implementing backups and disaster management & recovery for the Server.
    • Configuring transport options for messaging. 
    • Configuring hygiene and security options for the message. 
    • Implementing and managing online deployments. 
    • Performance monitoring and troubleshooting
    • Securing and maintaining of Exchange Server 2016. 
    • Deployment Planning
    • Planning and deploying  Mailbox services.
    • Planning and deploying message transport
    • Planning and deploying client access.
    • Designing and implementing high availability.
    • Designing messaging security features.
    • Designing and implementing message retention process.
    • Designing compliance of messaging.
    • Designing and implementing coexistence of messaging.
    • Upgrading to latest Exchange Server 2016.
    • Planning hybrid Exchange Server deployments.

    Course Outcome

    After completing this module, students will be able to:

    • Describe the features and functionality of Exchange Server 2016.
    • Describe the requirements and deployment options for Exchange Server 2016.


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