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ABOUT LearnersPoint DUBAI

Learners point
    • Founded in 2001, LearnersPoint Training Institute has trained 15,000 plus students and top in the line corporates of Dubai and has proudly set a     benchmark today offering wide range of  training courses covering IT, Finance, Management, HR, Logistics, ERP and Leadership.
    • Our focal point is to offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to hone their skills and enhance their performance to achieve consistent and profitable results.
    • LearnersPoint’s current training methods and delivery models have been continuously researched, updated, and fine-tuned past 15 years with the best in the industry Faculties creating an un-parallel edge in conceptualizing a vast range of courses than any of our peers.
    • Centrally located in Dubai, LearnersPoint is preferred by individuals, SMEs and top corporates. This is just because, our courses are cutting edge, customizable and cost effective.
    • LearnersPoint emphasizes practical principles and processes by conceptualizing programs that deliver the knowledge, specific skills and best practices that add value to the Individuals and Business. LearnersPoint is recognized by KHDA, Government of Dubai.


LearnersPoint Dubai offers an extensive selection of approved training classes for top technology providers like SAP, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware and more.

Find your desired training with:

Application Courses Beginner to advanced skills in major business applications
Technical Skills Courses Designed to advance your IT skills
Certification Courses Classes to help you prepare for certification
Business Skills Courses Improve your employee business skills


LearnersPoint Dubai understands that not everyone’s learning needs or preferred methods are the same. Therefore, our flexible training approach gives us the ability to customize dedicated classes to satisfy specific needs

Find your desired training with:

Instructor-led training Traditional classroom learning
Mentored Learning Training on your schedule with a certified instructor to help
On-Site Training We bring the classroom to you
Private Classes Train large groups of employees with custom solutions


LearnersPoint Dubai’s courses are taught by experienced, vendor-certified instructors. This means you are getting the most up to date information to apply to real situations.


Whether you are looking to increase your technical knowledge or pass a professional certification exam, LearnersPoint will help you get there.

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