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Course Summary

  • ​Visuals are an important accompaniment for any piece of information consumed online and graphic designers have to constantly churn out great designs to enhance that experience.

    Create visually appealing designs for multiple platforms and output with the Adobe Photoshop course at LearnersPoint,where you will learn the use of every tool but also master the shortcuts with speed ensuring efficiency. 

    The course takes in to consideration Photoshop training for beginners. Students will get to experiment and design their own projects using a variety of tools in an easy to follow program that. End of course project helps evaluate the student’s skill level and progress. You will learn Photoshop tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you become more seasoned and adept in using the software.

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    Who needs the course

     Anyone who is looking to work as a Graphic Designer, Artist, Web Designer or Web Developer and is suitable for those at beginner level as well.

Course Contents

  • Modules

     Module 1.    Photoshop Interface Essentials

    Module 2.     Documents and Navigation

    Module 3.     Digital Image Essentials

    Module 4.     Camera Raw Essentials

    Module 5.     Cropping and Straightening Images: Iceland 37

    Module 6.     Working with Layers

    Module 7.     Transforming, Distorting, and Warping Images

    Module 8.     Working with Smart Objects

    Module 9.     Working with Layer Masks

    Module 10. Making Selections

    Module 11.  Essential Blend Modes

    Module 12. Adjustment Layer Essentials

    Module 13. Creative Adjustment Layer Techniques

    Module 14. Retouching Essentials

    Module 15. Combining Multiple Images

    Module 16. Essential Filters: Flowers

    Module 17. Artistic Filters

    Module 18. Filters That Create Content (Render)

    Module 19. Type Essentials

    Module 20. Essential Layer Effects and Styles

    Module 21. Basic Shape Layers

    Module 22. Painting Essentials

    Module 23. Moving Images

    Module 24. Working with Libraries

    Module 25. Artboards: Designing for Screen

    Module 26. Exporting Files and Sharing Images

    Module 27. Photoshop Mobile

    Course outcome

    Creating lustrations, logos, charts.

    Setting up files, working with text, shapes, colour and effects.

    Creating posters, text-based imagery, polished drawings, maps

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