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Course Summary

  •  To make the rope, you need to curl three strings together. Then, they become stronger and more valuable than the individual strings on their own.

    We all know how crucial Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign individually at their own merits. How about using them all three together and increase the value proposition using related features between all the three? Creating in one, editing in another and finishing in the third.  Experience the power of Synergy whether you design a logo, improve a photo or design a book with all.  All the menus & terminologies of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are on the same page.

Course Contents

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Module 1.   Photoshop Interface Essentials

    Module 2.   Documents and Navigation

    Module 3.   Digital Image Essentials

    Module 4.   Camera Raw Essentials

    Module 5.   Cropping and Straightening Images: Iceland 37

    Module 6.   Working with Layers

    Module 7.   Transforming, Distorting and Warping Images

    Module 8.   Working with Smart Objects

    Module 9.   Working with Layer Masks

    Module 10. Making Selections

    Module 11. Essential Blend Modes

    Module 12. Adjustment Layer Essentials

    Module 13. Creative Adjustment Layer Techniques

    Module 14. Retouching Essentials

    Module 15. Combining Multiple Images

    Module 16. Essential Filters: Flowers

    Module 17. Artistic Filters

    Module 18. Filters That Create Content (Render)

    Module 19. Type Essentials

    Module 20. Essential Layer Effects and Styles

    Module 21. Basic Shape Layers

    Module 22. Painting Essentials

    Module 23. Moving Images

    Module 24. Working with Libraries

    Module 25. Artboards: Designing for Screen

    Module 26. Exporting Files and Sharing Images

    Module 27. Photoshop Mobile

    Adobe InDesign

    Module 1    Getting Started

    Module 2    Working with InDesign Documents

    Module 3    Creating a Document

    Module 4    Managing Pages

    Module 5    Graphics

    Module 6    Formatting Objects

    Module 7    Frames and Paths

    Module 8    Managing Objects

    Module 9    Transforming Objects

    Module 10  Character Formatting

    Module 11  Paragraph Formatting

    Module 12  Styles

    Module 13  Tables

    Module 14  Interactive Documents

    Module 15  Packaging, Printing, and Exporting

    Module16.  Understand Rendering with mental ray

    Adobe Illustrator

    Module 1.   Getting Started

    Module 2.   Navigating Your Documents

    Module 3.   Working with Artboards

    Module 4.   Working with Layers

    Module 5.   Drawing Basic Shapes

    Module 6.   Transforming Objects

    Module 7.   Working with Fills and Strokes

    Module 8.   Working with Color

    Module 9.   Using the Appearance Panel

    Module 10. Creating Complex Shapes

    Module 11. Working with the Pen Tool

    Module 12. Working with Type

    Module 13. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator

    Module 14. Printing and Exporting Artwork

    Course Outcome

    • Able to create professional designs
    • Able to leverage the Photo Shop, Illustrator and InDesign for optimal design standards

    Target Audience

    • Graphic designers
    • Media professionals


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