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Course Summary

  • LearnersPoint's unique training conceptualization for SAP HR (HCM)modules boosts your productivity. Our HCM configuration training modules are fully customizable and are  proven to reduce teething problems during implementation and considerably reduce timelines



Course Contents


    Our SAP HCM course is carefully premeditated  to begin with basics  and progressively take you to the advanced configuration settings. This means you will be one hundred percent benefitted with end to end concepts of SAP HCM.


    The training modules would adequately cover the spectrum of  HR functions in an enterprise from the context of SAP HCM.



    1. What is ERP.
    2. What is SAP.

    Enterprise Structure

    1. Define Company
    2. Define Company Code
    3. Assign company code to company
    4. Define Personnel Areas
    5. Assign Personnel Area to Company Code
    6. Define Personnel Subarea

    Personnel Structure

    1. Define Employee Groups
    2. Define Employee Subgroups
    3. Define Payroll area
    4. Assign Employee Subgroup to Employee Group

    Organizational Management

    1. Create organizational unit
    2. Setup Number Assignment for plan versions
    3. Maintain Number Ranges in Organizational Management
    4. Activate Inheritance of Account Assignment Features
    5. Set Up Transport Connection
    6. Integration with Cost Distribution
    7. Maintain object types

    Info types:

    1. Info-type menu configuration
    2. Create info Groups
    3. Maintain Country Info Types
    4. Maintain Subtypes
    5. Relationship Maintenance
    6. Setup integration with personal administration

    SAP HCM Personal Administration (PA)

    1. Maintain Number Ranges for Personal numbers.
    2. Maintain user parameters
    3. Define Employee Attributes
    4. Set up Personal Action type
    5. Maintain personnel actions


    1. Create new position
    2. Create number ranges for applicant numbers
    3. Create media
    4. Create recruitment instruments
    5. Create Advertisement
    6. Create Personnel Officers
    7. Application Structure

    SAP HR Time Management (TM)

    1. Define daily work schedules
    2. Define work schedule rules and work schedule

    Course Outcome

    • Increases your knowledge on the latest trends in the SAP world
    • Equips you with the latest software tools to manage financial activities in your organization
    • Helps you improve the SAP processes in your company thereby increasing value-addition
    • Enhances professional growth and gives you better job opportunities



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