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Course Summary

  • About the course

    This course is aimed to introduce students to Arabic Language to develop an understanding of the basics, phonology and Arabic script.

    Who needs the course

    Non native Arabic nationals looking for PRO Jobs etc..

    People who intend to work in typing centers

    Other who need Arabic skills in their current / future Job.

Course Contents

  • Modules

    module 1      Arabic Alphabets

    module 2      Groups of Alphabets

    module 3      Different Forms of Alphabets

    module 4      Vowels

    module 5      Joining Alphabets and Making Words

    module 6      Reading and Memorizing Words & Alphabets

    module 7      Nouns and Pronouns

    module 8      Prepositions (in, on, at, from, to)

    module 9      Basic Verbs (go, come, work, sleep, want, eat, do)

    module 10    Questionnaire Words (why, when, what, how, how much, where, what)

    module 11    Making Sentences on Different Situations

    Course outcome

    Read simple Arabic text.

     Use simple sentence structures in speaking and writing.

    Introduction to Arabic culture.

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