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Course Summary

  • Advanced English course   aims to improve the comprehension and expression of oral and written ideas in English. A variety of   tasks are used to enrich the learners’ vocabulary and language mechanics to be able to produce simple and coherent statements

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Course Contents

  • Unit 1 – That’s what friends are for!

    Personality types and qualities; relationships; turn-ons and turn offs

    Unit 2 – Career moves

    Jobs; careers of the future; job skills; summer jobs

    Unit 3 – Could you do me a favor?

    Favors; formal and informal requests; messages

    Unit 4 – What a story!

    The media; news stories; exceptional events

    Unit 5 – Crossing cultures

    Cultural comparisons and culture shock; moving abroad; emotions; customs; tourism and travel abroad

    Unit 6 – What’s wrong with it?

    Consumer complaints; everyday problems; electronics; repairs

    Unit 7 – The world we live in

    The environment; world problems; current issues

    Unit 8 – Lifelong learning

    Education; learner choices; strategies for learning; personal qualities

    Unit 9 – Improvements

    Everyday services; recommendations; self-improvement

    Unit 10 – The past and the future

    Historic events and people; biography; the future

    Unit 11 – Life’s little lessons

    Milestones and turning points; behavior and personality; regrets

    Unit 12 – The right stuff

    Qualities for success; successful businesses; advertising

    Unit 13 – That’s a possibility.

    Pet peeves; unexplained events; reactions; complicated situations and advice

    Unit 14 – Behind the scenes

    How a movie is made; media professions; processes; the entertainment industry

    Unit 15 – There should be a law!

    Recommendations; opinions; local concerns; controversial issues

    Unit 16 – Challenges and accomplishments

    Challenges; accomplishments; goals; volunteering

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