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The rising complexities of goods and services transactions have led to the ever-growing demand for professionals with expertise in logistics and supply chain management. This has made Logistics and Supply Chain certifications crucial for professionals for their career growth as they are industry-standard qualifications demonstrating professionals' advanced skills in logistics and supply chain. The Logistics and Supply Chain course is an introduction to the fascinating world of supply chain management that offers a richer understanding of the complexities that companies are facing in today's globally networked economy. At Learners Point, the Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses include the best CPSM, CSCP, CPCM and CIPS certification courses in Dubai. They are developed to offer participants a comprehensive insight into supply chain operations conducted within the company, laws & regulations that govern the transportation of goods, manufacturing processes, and their compliance, etc. Our Logistics and Supply Chain courses elaborate on the fundamentals of business process mapping as well as the concepts of data analysis and supply chain models that prepare participants for Logistics and Supply Chain certification exams. Being the leading provider of professional courses, we offer specialization courses on logistics and supply chain domains as well as certification training courses. Furthermore, our huge array of Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses helps professionals develop skills and knowledge on procurement operations, logistics, and supply chain management to apply them in any type of business or industry.

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  • Understand the importance of logistics and supply chain operations
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of international trade and logistics
  • Develop knowledge of logistics and logistics system dynamics
  • Become an expert in aligning supply chains
  • Earn globally-recognized credentials in the supply chain domain

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About Logistics & Supply Chain

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai are designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of supply chain strategy and sustainability and the ways to analyse and design effective supply chain operations. Under the mentorship of our industry expert faculties who bring excellent reputations for professional training with commendable experience drawn from the business world, we provide certification courses on CIPS (all 5 levels), CSCP, CLSCMP, CPSM, CPCM and many other domain specialization courses. As our comprehensive Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses are updated to the latest course curriculums, we update professionals on the current trends and prepare them for future challenges by providing a reality check and insight into the requirements of a challenging role. All our Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses are developed with a huge emphasis on real-world scenarios to enhance and nurture participants’ practical business skills and confidence.


Target Audiences

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai equip professionals with the skills and knowledge to drive forward their procurement, logistics and supply chain career and the organization they work for. These SCM courses are best suited for professionals interested in taking the certification exam and earning their globally recognized credentials or those who desire to accelerate their learning curve in the field of procurement and supply chain management.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a fantastic career path for any professional. A great feature of this career is that one gets the privilege to choose from many options and directions within the industry. Also, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the logistics industry is the most in-demand with a career opportunity that's growing at a rate of 7% annually. Making this the best career choice of today.
As every aspect of an organisation seems to be drawn into supply chain management, logistics and supply chain as an industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors over the decade. Due to the economical advancements in the nation, Dubai is attracting aspiring professionals. These growing trends contribute to the creation of new opportunities that are ever more critical raising the demand and competition for top talent in Dubai.
All our bespoke Logistics and Supply Chain training courses are designed to help you acquire certifications that are the gold standard of excellence for supply management professionals. These certifications validate your proficiency in critical concepts in procurement and sourcing, negotiating, contracts and leadership. Owing to the significance of supply management certification in the global employment market, these training courses can assure you of a multitude of job opportunities and increased earning potential.
Supply chain management is a dynamic industry attracting strategic thinkers. It allows a variety of experiences and an enormous scope for career enhancement. Although a degree in logistics and supply chain management gives professionals an upper hand, anyone with sound knowledge of the sector and its functions can start their career in it. This vast sector holds job roles at all levels making it easy for any professional to break into the industry.
The logistics and supply chain industry includes various entry-level jobs that are open to all graduates. These jobs do not require previous experience and so are ideal for beginners to break into the industry. Candidates can also develop their knowledge and skills by participating in training courses and acquiring certifications from recognized certification bodies to build a career in this sector.

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