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"Learners Point takes extra care when it comes to satisfying its participants. Learners Point makes training interesting and lively. I will surely enroll again with Learners Point Academy for other courses in the future."


Prashob Pradeep

"I opted for the Train the Trainer course in Dubai. It was very informative and got to learn a lot of concepts and I appreciate the examples the trainer shared which really helped me understand the points better. I enjoyed the sessions. Would highly recommend Learners Point."


Leigh Ann Benedictos

"I had a great time during my course at Learners Point Academy. I enrolled in the Revit Architecture course under Mr. Syed. He is very informative and concise. He delivers lessons very well and clearly in his own way of teaching. Never had difficulty during the training as he's been always supportive. I also thank Mrs. Olinda for arranging my schedules. She is approachable and nice too. I would also like to thank the staff there especially Ms. Yen and Sabith. I will surely enrol again with Learners Point Academy for other courses in the future."

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Speak to Stand-out

Where anxiety and trembling hands prevent outstanding performance, how can one still make an impact on the audience? Enroll in this free session with Learners Point Academy - one of the best training centres in Dubai bragging the best possible faculty.

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Communicate to Influence

Controlling your emotions, and speaking clearly without rushing is an art that requires practice and perseverance. Join this free session with the best training institute in Dubai to learn how to make your words be the thoughts of tomorrow.

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Communicate to your Way to Success

Learn how to make a positive impression on everyone you meet! Enroll in this upcoming free session with Learners Point Academy - which is currently the best training institute in Dubai boasting the best available faculty.

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