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Abrar Naib

"The program's focus on real-world scenarios equipped me with practical skills. The guidance on effective speaking and handling problematic participants has proven invaluable in my training sessions."


Alisha Mazak

The Digital Marketing Course in Dubai provided a thorough understanding of SEO, social media, and analytics. Practical sessions and industry insights prepared me for real-world challenges."


Rubai Seth

"I can't thank the instructors enough for their guidance throughout the Python Course. They made complex concepts simple to understand, and the practical sessions solidified my understanding.”

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Speak to Stand-out

Where anxiety and trembling hands prevent outstanding performance, how can one still make an impact on the audience? Enroll in this free session with Learners Point Academy - one of the best training centres in Dubai bragging the best possible faculty.

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Communicate to Influence

Controlling your emotions, and speaking clearly without rushing is an art that requires practice and perseverance. Join this free session with the best training institute in Dubai to learn how to make your words be the thoughts of tomorrow.

Date :30-05-2024 Time: 17:00:00 Register Now

Communicate to your Way to Success

Learn how to make a positive impression on everyone you meet! Enroll in this upcoming free session with Learners Point Academy - which is currently the best training institute in Dubai boasting the best available faculty.

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