About Us

Centrally located in Dubai, LearnersPoint came into being in the year 2001. It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation that offers a wide range of courses covering the arenas of technology, Finance, Marketing, HR, Logistics, Management, ERP and Leadership. We have helped over 110,000 learners including top-of-the-line corporates of GCC to realize their dreams.

We believe in harnessing the wonderful growth prospects that lie hidden in the technology of tomorrow. With the courses designed by industry experts, we aspire to help individuals and businesses to attain benchmark expertise in creating secure and reliable products. Our cost-effective cutting-edge and customizable courses are readily picked by individuals.

Over the years we have built a huge pool of talent and experience to cater to the ever changing needs of our clients. Our many focused endeavours and success stories have been the guiding light to continue our efforts in the direction. We hope to add tremendous value to the ever growing corporate needs. Have helped us keep pace with the enormous technological revolution witnessed of the decade. Along with offering learners a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies, we also aspire to fill the gaps between today’s technological capabilities.

The study material, training techniques and delivery models are regularly updated through continuous research and imparted by best-in-the-industry faculties thus offering a definite edge over our peers in this field. Hundreds of insightful tutorials and practical training, and instructor-led online training programs, learning is made simple and interesting. Our trainers offer helpful tips and tricks to comprehend complicated concepts. We emphasize on understanding of technology adoption, organizational capability and competition that ultimately shape business outcomes.

Most of all, the customizable nature of all our programs makes it easy for the learners to adapt easily. Teams of any size can be tackled and trained through these scientifically designed training methods. On your innovation journey, you can bank on us as a trusted partner. Always on our toes when it comes to keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology, we assure you complete peace of mind regarding your business being in perfect tune with the changing scenarios. We create a friendly learning environment for the learners that encourage them to clear all their doubts and grasp the subjects in the most effective manner. Our real-time projects offer you an unparalleled work experience.


We aspire to be a leading knowledge centre that offers all major courses under one roof. We hope to contribute to the society by building a new generation talent pool. We look forward to expanding our services to cover the latest and advanced concepts in the entire field we cover and to bring innovative solutions to the Information Technology market by alignment of skills, resources and culture.

We value integrity and diversity in thought. Working on shortcomings and continuous improvement is what makes any organization gain an edge over the others. We believe that modern training procedures should be highly practical, exactly measurable and purposefully impactful. We offer a scalable and intuitive training platform to our learners that can take their expertise to the next level. In short, our vision is to impart truly net native education that meets the needs of the future.

Given the possibility of anyone from anywhere having access to top-class education, we hope to offer the best learning experience and change lives. We continually strive to hone the skills of the learners so as to optimize their performance and help them to achieve profitable results. Our objective is to offer accessible remote learning and remote collaboration to create an industry-ready workforce. Belonging to a challenging field, we too believe in constantly challenging ourselves by keeping abreast with the latest changes in the arena and seamlessly striving for innovation in every way possible.

Affiliations & Accreditations

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We feel proud to have been associated with CPD UK, which is a premier accreditation service provider operating since 1996. The term CPD is used to describe the learning activities taken up by professionals to forward their abilities. CPD offers methodologies to learning like e-learning programs, training workshops, conferences, idea sharing and best practice techniques to further effective professional development. It also offers advice support and recognised independent CPD accreditation which is compatible with global CPD principles.

Knowledge and Human Development Authority ( KHDA)

We are affiliated with The Knowledge and Human Development Authority ( KHDA) which is a regulatory authority for education in Dubai. Its function is to oversee the private education in Dubai including training institutes, childhood education centres and higher education providers. This affiliation puts a stamp on our quality of service

HR Certification Institute (HRCI)

HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) is a US based credentialing organization that bestows certifications to administrators, managers and HR generalists. The institute has been setting standards in HR excellence and expertise for over 40 years. This independent non-profit organization is known to administer best-in-class accredited certification for the development of HR professionals.

IDP Education

The co-owner of IELTS(International English Language Testing System) , IDP Education offers IELTS testing services in the Middle East through its centres in Kuwait, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan. Saudi Arabia , Oman and UAE. It is notable that IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is recognized as the world’s most popular high-stake English language proficiency test.

Autodesk Design Courses

Autodesk is an American software corporation that offers software services for manufacturing, engineering, architecture, construction etc. Ever since its launch in 1982, the company has developed the broadest portfolio of 3D software for the global markets. Autodesk offers its partners a variety of training materials and tools and helps in delivering quality educational training.

Our services have been recognized based on several parameters such as depth of learning offered, maintaining excellence in a wide range of capacities, and the logical structure of high quality programs that offer continuous professional development of our clients.