10 CMA Exam Tips for Working Professionals

10 CMA Exam Tips for Working Professionals


Do you think you should quit your job to find time to prepare for the CMA examination? If so, think again, for you may be wrong.

With an organized routine, effective time management and a CMA course that guides you all the way, you can get yourself through the CMA exam while doing your full-time job.

CMA certification is the gold standard in the field of accounting and finance. It has unparalleled value in the market. In order to attain this credential, individuals have to clear the CMA exam, considered a challenging one. The CMA exam consists of 2 parts with each testing the examinee’s knowledge of core finance and accounting concepts. Preparing for the CMA exam requires a significant investment of time and energy, and this can be challenging, especially for working professionals. But nothing is impossible if you are dedicated and committed. Besides, there is the CMA course, which can lead you to the right path.

The CMA course provides comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of the core accounting concepts that are tested during the exam. The course includes practice sessions to help professionals understand the CMA exam process and learn about tactics that can be useful while appearing for the exam. Although professionals get access to study materials when they take their IMA membership, which comes in handy during the exam, the CMA course has its own advantages. It helps to make learning easy, which is 90% of the job. The rest comes from other factors that support the outcomes of the CMA exam.

To make the CMA exam preparation easy for working professionals, experts have shared CMA exam tips which can be followed to make the journey smooth. In this article, we share some of the key suggestions.

1. Schedule your priorities

Being a working professional, you are bound to have more responsibilities and commitments. This can be challenging for many while preparing for the CMA exam. According to the expert CMA study tips, this situation can be dealt with by identifying your priorities and scheduling them. By doing so, you will have clarity about your CMA exam preparation.

2. Flexible work schedule

Having flexible working hours is among the crucial CMA study tips and can help you to devote more time to your CMA preparation. If your employer is supportive of your CMA journey, requesting flexibility in working hours can give you more time to prepare for the exam. After all, if you acquire the CMA certification, it can benefit your employer as well. 

3. Resist the temptation

Having a healthy work-life balance is among the crucial CMA exam tips that individuals need to follow while preparing for the exam. At times you may be invited to events and take part in social obligations and office parties, which can take up a lot of your time. But you need to be strict with yourself and not get carried away on such occasions. You should always remind yourself of your goal. 

4. Motivation

One of the best ways to have a positive impact on your CMA preparation is to stay motivated. Professionals can often get swayed by commitments and not get enough time to concentrate on personal growth and development. By staying motivated, you can bring a positive outlook to your CMA journey and stay focused on achieving your goals. 

5. Productivity hacks

Balancing your 9-5 schedule and CMA study plan is not an easy task. Productivity hacks are the best way to help you find the perfect balance between work and study. As time management may not always be in your favor, using planners, organizers, timetables and charts and putting them up on the wall can help you in staying focussed on your study plan. By doing so, you will know where you stand as far as your preparation is concerned, and plan your next steps accordingly. 

6. Finding the Sweet Spot

Your productivity thrives differently in different places and environments. Finding that one place where you feel your productivity is at its best can be an important step. Using that spot can help you energize your brain and make you concentrate better, thereby enhancing your learning. By doing so, you will not only feel better about your preparation but can also enhance your productivity at work.  

7. Career Centres

Most organizations have career centres that are open to their employees to improve their knowledge. This department will help you in arranging, organizing and supporting your study time. With its help, you will be able to find a balance between work and study and this can bring effectiveness to both worlds. 

8. Find a Study Buddy

Finding another colleague who is preparing for the CMA exam is the best way to prepare. You can exchange notes, share your findings and review each other’s progress. Apart from providing support to each other to study concepts, in times of need a study buddy can act as a motivator as well.

9. Plan Ahead

Building an effective study plan and sticking to it can help you give clarity in your preparation. To do that, you need to plan on how to manage your time. You will have to figure out the sections that need more focus and plan your study schedule accordingly.

10. Take a week off before the exam 

Managing your work and study is fine but towards the end of the journey, you will need to dedicate more time towards your preparation. As per the CMA study tips given by experts, as you approach D-day, it is better to take some days off from work. Taking a week off before the exam will help you revise concepts thoroughly and boost your confidence to appear for the CMA exam. 

The above-mentioned CMA exam tips can help professionals ace the CMA exam. They are of immense importance as they form the basis of the CMA qualification journey. Although there are multiple CMA preparatory courses in the market to take participants through the fundamentals, it is these expert suggestions which can prove to be decisive during the course of the journey. For more, you can join our CMA courses. They are not only the best in town in terms of equipping participants with adequate knowledge of the technical concepts of management accounting, but they also help an individual understand the overall process involved in preparing for the CMA exam.



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