10 Growing Remote Jobs in Digital Marketing

10 Growing Remote Jobs in Digital Marketing


With the digital marketing field constantly evolving and taking over the business world, it is becoming an exciting choice of career for many.

Did you know that with 860,000 job openings, the Digital Marketing Specialist role was placed among the top 10 most in-demand jobs by LinkedIn?

Apart from this, there are other digital marketing jobs in the market in different streams due to the multi-faceted nature of digital marketing.

Although traditional marketing still holds its position in the business world, the prominence of digital marketing is expediting the marketing field. Thanks to the internet, businesses and customers have a powerful platform to buy and sell products from any part of the world. This trend has increased the demand for digital marketing jobs more than ever in the global employment market - resulting in soaring demand for digital marketing courses as well.

Digital marketers are organizations’ driving forces for brand awareness and lead generation. Be it in any stream, these professionals contribute their fair share of input in driving the company’s business. They can work for any business regardless of their industry. They have a significant role in building out buyer personas to identify audience needs and creating attractive digital content to grab the audience’s attention. This makes them hold an irreplaceable position in the market.

The global pandemic is another factor that had a significant influence on the world of digital marketing. As the world moved to another work sphere with the inception of the “work from home” culture, there rose a myriad of job opportunities for digital marketers. Building a career in the field of digital marketing doesn't mean digital marketing specialist is the only role that is open to you, there are many other exciting job openings too.

Here, in this article let us explore the exciting remote jobs that are open for digital marketing enthusiasts.

The 10 best remote digital marketing jobs of 2022 are:

1. Digital Marketing Specialist

A Digital Marketing Specialist helps the brand in maintaining its business by working on its marketing campaigns. They take charge of performing market research, building digital marketing strategies, creating content for marketing campaigns, etc. With their hands over a multitude of responsibilities, digital marketing specialists require a variety of skills and knowledge of different tools. 

2. Copy Writer

A Copy Writer develops compelling and clear text to provide the reader with insights into the company’s product or brand message. They often take up multiple jobs on the team, from producing short social media copies and writing articles or blogs, to developing the landing page content. In short, they are the face of the brand, it is their words and credibility to use those words to drive more traffic that will help companies grow their business.

3. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager is the jack of all trades. They are in charge of the successful running of digital campaigns and channels for promoting brand growth. They mostly oversee the work of a digital marketing team and also put in their input in carrying out digital marketing tasks. They collaborate frequently with other team members like copywriters, graphic designers, social media managers, videographers, and content writers for managing the overall digital presence of the brand.

4. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

An SEO Specialist is responsible for getting businesses to rank on search engines. They work closely with content creators to ensure that the content developed is well-optimized and can drive good traffic. They play a crucial role in researching and identifying the keywords that when included in the content can increase the visibility of the content on search engines.

5. Content Writer

Content Writers write content to increase brand awareness. They develop content for blog posts, articles, social media posts, and marketing copies on the company’s website. They take charge of researching topics with high industry relevance and create content based on the data extracted from the research.


6. Social Media Manager 

Social Media Managers manage all marketing activities that happen on social media platforms. They are responsible for establishing a posting schedule for the company’s written and visual content. They work closely with content marketing specialists to develop strategies for posting relevant content on social networks.


7. Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are the heads who take charge of the overall marketing activities of an organization. They usually supervise the marketing team and lead them to provide great business growth results through marketing campaigns. They demonstrate a variety of skills that validate their credibility to manage and run effective marketing activities for driving the organization’s brand awareness.

8. Media Buyer

Media Buyers are responsible for negotiating the prices for advertising space. They take charge of getting the best bids for all ads that are run on different media. They ensure that the ads are run on relevant and effective sites to generate leads that have higher chances of conversion.

9. Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social Media Marketing Specialists curate the brand’s online voice and its presence through social media channels. They create, plan and schedule content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They run an analysis of every campaign to analyze the performance and report the findings to the marketing team.

10. Account Manager

Account Managers are the link between employers and customers. They form a communication channel to maintain proper functioning of marketing activities. They bring in business to the organization through actions such as cold calls and following up on leads.

So there you have it. A collection of the best remote digital marketing jobs. With the right skill set and knowledge, you can make any of these exciting, rewarding and sought-after job roles in the field of digital marketing yours. Thanks to the internet, you find a digital marketing course online readily available to help you achieve your career goals in digital marketing.



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