10 Skills to Develop from an Emotional Intelligence Training

10 Skills to Develop from an Emotional Intelligence Training


Employers today are more interested in employees who display substantial expertise in technical skills. Counted one among these, Emotional Intelligence, or EO, has gained significant popularity in the corporate world. Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that helps us recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions and influence the emotions of others. No matter how big or small your team is, having strong control over your emotions can take you to higher positions in your professional life.

Emotional Intelligence is not something that can be taught or learned like other subjects. This is something that needs to be realized and practised to master. The Emotional Intelligence training is designed with the aim of bringing you close to the steps that can help you explore your own level of emotional intelligence and develop important skills in the subject.

Let us first understand some of the signs noticed in people with low and high emotional intelligence.

People with low emotional intelligence are said to:

  •         ➤ Often feel misunderstood
  •         ➤ Get upset easily
  •         ➤ Become overwhelmed by emotions
  •         ➤ Have problems being assertive

People with high emotional intelligence are noticed too:

  •          ➤ Understand the connections between their emotions and how they behave
  •          ➤ Remain calm and composed during stressful situations
  •          ➤ Are able to influence others toward a common goal
  •          ➤ Handle difficult people with tact and diplomacy

Listed below are 10 important areas usually included in an emotional intelligence course which can play a vital role in your professional success:

1. Develop Active Listening Skills

People with strong emotional intelligence skills value the other person’s opinions by listening and paying attention to them. These people wait for their turn to converse, instead of interrupting someone while they speak. This attitude helps in reducing any sort of misunderstanding. It also makes the other person feel valued and respected.

2. Be More Self-Aware

One important tip to strengthen your emotional intelligence is to be aware of your emotions and emotional responses to those around you. Everyone experiences anxiety and anger at certain points in their life, but there are only a certain few who can communicate those feelings in a way that promotes healthy results.

3. Accept Criticism

Strong emotional intelligence in the workplace is attributed to those who are good at taking criticism. Accepting criticism is very important to function in society. Firstly because not everyone thinks the same way as you. And secondly, criticisms are the medium of improvement. Instead of feeling insulted and acting defensive, try and understand the reason behind the criticism, and work on it if needed.

4. Communicate with Clarity

Communication skills are very important not just in the professional but also in the personal sphere. Having a precise idea of when and when not to deliver information is a very crucial aspect of building strong relationships in the workplace. Strong communication skills also project your confidence in initiating a conversation or presenting your opinion in front of a group of people.

5. Always Remain Open-Minded

People with strong Emotional Intelligence are known for their flexibility in accepting different perspectives. These people are aware of the fact that not necessarily everyone nods to your opinion, and that they have the freedom to express their insights just like you do. They are open to learning new things instead of just remaining in their bubble of illiberal attitude.

6. Build Strong Leadership Skills

In order to build strong emotional intelligence skills, it is equally important to practice strong leadership attributes. Doing so will make you capable of setting an example for others to follow. Strong leadership skills offer great decision-making and problem-solving skills which collectively ensures more productivity in the workplace.

7. Stay Calm even Under Pressure

Maintaining a positive attitude and practising calmness even during stressful times is proof of a strong mind and personality. These individuals are known for their maturity in keeping steady and finding solutions even during stressful situations, such as working under deadlines.

8. Be More Approachable and Social

Meeting new people is something that is inevitable in work-life and the best way to form and maintain a strong bond or relationship with colleagues is by being more approachable. This skill presents you in a positive light and augments your respect among your colleagues. The most important way to practice this is by polishing your interpersonal and communication skills.

9. Stay Motivated

People with strong emotional intelligence in the workplace don't just stay self-motivated but also possess the ability to motivate and encourage people around them. Their strong beliefs in themselves and their abilities make them admirable personalities among their peers. Such people are known to stay resilient in the face of any kind of challenge.

10. Practice Self-Management

The next step after achieving self-awareness and understanding how your emotions work is to practice self-management. These primarily involve taking responsibility for your own behaviour and well-being as well as controlling emotional outbursts.

Implementing the above-mentioned skills is not a demanding task and so anyone and everyone is capable of nurturing and practising them. However, it is essential to have a very strong understanding of each skill and its roles, responsibilities, and importance. This can be achieved by enrolling in an emotional intelligence course. Once this understanding is attained, you will be easily able to master and improve your emotional intelligence skills.

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