10 Top Training Institutes in Dubai

10 Top Training Institutes in Dubai


Being placed at the heart of the Middle East Region, Dubai has always witnessed flexible growth in different sectors that have promised opportunities for betterment and growth for its inhabitants, expats, and others. Coming out of its shell of just being a tourist place, Dubai has also been able to attract people from all across the globe with better jobs and finer training institutes for better upskilling purposes. More than 800 approved training institutes in Dubai offer students/professionals a wide range of courses dealing with different subjects. By adopting newer ways, methodologies, and techniques to meet the needs and requirements, these training institutes surely have won the trust and confidence of their students.

In this article, we have carefully sieved the 10 top training institutes in Dubai. Without any further ado, let's dive straight into understanding what these are and what they have to offer.

1) Learners Point Academy

Founded in 2001, Learners Point Academy is one of the best and most affordable training institutes in Dubai. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation that has so far trained 100,000+ candidates - individuals as well as corporates. Learners Point holds affiliations and accreditations with renowned international organizations like KHDA, CPD, HRCI, CIPS and SAP.

The institute offers 250+ professional upskilling and reskilling courses covering the areas of technology, finance, marketing, HR, logistics, management, ERP, and leadership. These courses are not just available in the UAE but are also offered across the MENA region, Maldives, South Africa, and many more.

One major benefit for the learners offered by Learners Point Academy alone is its implementation of the EMI scheme where the candidates have the flexibility of paying in easy monthly instalments.

The training methods and delivery models under Learners Point undergo rigorous research and evaluation so as to come up with solutions to help individuals and businesses attain benchmark expertise.

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2) Edoxi Training Institute

Edoxi Training Institute was established in 2018 and has since then rightfully earned the title of being one of the best training institutes in UAE and Dubai. It has received accreditations from major institutions such as KHDA, British Council, Autodesk, AIBM, and many more.

The institute continues to successfully embark on the path of offering valued training with global standards in the field of graphic design, MS Office, AutoCAD, Revit, IELTS, management courses, etc.

While the institute receives showering positive reviews, there still remain some customers who seem to be dissatisfied with the proficiency of the trainers.

However, with a combined vision of consistently delivering positive results, the institute has and continues to make efforts to further enhance and improve its services. 

3) Meirc Training & Consulting

Meirc Training & Consulting, founded in 1958, is one of the oldest training institutes in Dubai, UAE. With the objective of offering the most reliable training and consulting services, Meirc has been successful in winning the trust and admiration of its clients in both management and technical fields.

The institute shares strong affiliations with renowned international organizations, and together they prepare professionals for certification exams in areas like management, finance, accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, quality, administration, as well as project management. These courses are delivered by experienced subject matter experts whose reliable solutions and teaching techniques prepare the candidates to face any business challenges in the future.

4) Zabeel International

Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology was established in 1988. It has since then successfully influenced the experiences of several students by setting up new benchmarks for training standards. With comfortable and highly advanced infrastructure and experienced trainers, the institute has successfully provided its services in the field of engineering, airline, finance, languages, IT, logistics, management, and soft skills. Zabeel Institute also hosts a highly equipped corporate division that caters to the training needs of the corporate world.

Zabeel International has three branches across the country. These are accredited by KHDA as well as by ICAEW, AIBM, PMI, CIPS, ACCA, and many more.

5) Blue Ocean Academy

Built on a reputation of 23+ years of excellence, Blue Academy is one of the leading training institutes in Dubai and UAE. They are truly known for their services in the field of management training and educational consultancy for which they have also been awarded the prestigious ‘Superbrands UAE’ and ‘Great Place To Work’ distinctions.

With support from the global network of certified trainers and prestigious international affiliations, Blue Ocean has constantly adopted innovative training modules to make the learning process exciting and interactive.

Although the institute has produced a pack of satisfied customers all through the years, there still have been occasional complaints of overpriced courses being offered.

6) Laurels Training Institute LLC

Founded in 2013, Laurels Training Institute is among the best training institutes in Dubai. Treading on the motto “I listen I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand”, the institute places emphasis on nurturing and building a student with a strong hold on every concept.

Among the numerous students they have trained to date, most of them have conveyed their satisfaction with their CHRM and Certified Logistics and Supply Chain Management training.

With the zeal and dedication with which they deliver their services, Laurels Training Institute has been successful in joining hands with major international bodies such as KHDA, AIPS, Cambridge Assessment International, IASSC, and International Standard Organization (ISO) 9001:2015.

7) NADIA Training Institute

NADIA has created a benchmark for itself as being one of the best training institutes in Dubai for the last 40 years. Focusing primarily on courses that deal with the development of soft skills, professional skills, and technical skills, the institute has successfully contributed to the career growth of 210,000+ professionals so far. They are proud partners of international organizations like the British Council, IELTS, Microsoft, ACTVET, LLA, and many more.

Like most other institutes, NADIA offers its students a number of benefits, which include live instruction, remote access from anywhere, customization of course curriculum, flexibility in scheduling, and certificates issued on successful completion of training.

Although they offer a wide array of courses, most students have shown their satisfaction with their PHRM and Logistics & Supply Chain Management training.

8) Rolla Academy

Established in 1994, Rolla Academy has profoundly contributed to the field of Information Technology and Management. With the aim of training professionals to become more productive and valuable, Rolla Academy couples education with technology to help students master both theoretical and technical aspects of the subject.

Students are given the option to adjust and choose the course that best suits their schedule. By the end of the course, the candidates leave nurtured with the required skills, knowledge, and industrial training that open many doors for fruitful and successful career opportunities.

9) Edu Delphi

At Edu Delphi, trainers come together with the aim of sharing their practical and theoretical understanding to enhance the skills of the trainees. Since its establishment, they have made sure to follow its motto of providing the most unique, innovative, and effective training opportunities to prepare candidates to confidently cope with the changing market trends.

This leading training institute in Dubai and UAE offers training for project management, HR training, accounting & auditing, information technology, finance, quality management, digital marketing, and much more.

Owing to its reputable and trusted services, Edu Delphi has successfully associated with renowned international bodies such as ACCA, ISO, PECB, KHDA, and IMA.

10) Atton Institute

Atton Institue is one of the best training institutes in Dubai that aims at enhancing the general as well as professional skills of the candidate in the field of management and leadership. With years of experience in providing high-end quality training services, Atton Institute has successfully trained professionals at all levels of either company or non-commercial entities.

All the courses of the institute are conducted in strict alliance with the licensing regulations of the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) Dubai. Some other international accreditation and membership of Atton Institute are with ICC, CPD, PMI, Dubai Quality Group, The Customer Magazine, and many more.

As established in the article, it is evident that the possibilities for training, vocational, and technical training are always changing for the better. The wide range of courses offered by the above 10 top training institutes in Dubai has attracted students and professionals from across the globe to take up programs that have the potential to enhance their professional as well as personal lives. If you have any training needs, you can very well reach out to any of the above-listed training centres depending upon the nature of the program you want to avail yourself of.

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