10 Vital Skills Taught by HR Training Courses in Dubai

10 Vital Skills Taught by HR Training Courses in Dubai


Every company today is highly dependent on HR professionals who are responsible for its systematic functioning. These consist of both technical and social skills. Candidates with the required skills are hired to prove and provide their services in the respective industries. Thus, it will not be wrong to guess and state that equipping oneself with HR skills can definitely prove to be the best way to climb up the success ladder.

This is probably the reason for the increased demand for HR training courses in Dubai. These courses are specifically designed to equip professionals with all the necessary concepts and details that will help them carry out their duty with ease and expertise. 

An HR professional should have mastery over both soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills include areas that revolve around emotional intelligence and one's personality. Working on soft skills will help you adapt to the work environment and establish a positive dynamic with other employees.

Hard skills refer to the technical area. Some of the areas that an HR should be familiar with are human resources management software, the use of specific HR Excel templates, knowledge and employment laws, and many more.

In this article, we will look at 10 skills taught in major HR training courses in Dubai that every HR professional should be equipped with:

1. Listening Skills

HR professionals are widely appreciated for their speaking and listening skills. As they play a major role in conveying messages to other employees and higher professionals, it is mandatory for them to have strong and sharp listening skills. This will help them rely on the exact message that was delivered to them.

2. Communication Skills

Communication skills is the most important part of Human Resource Management. HR professionals are the link between the employer and the employee. With the help of their strong communication skills, they are able to deliver the ideas of the employer to the employee and vice versa.

Additionally, as an HR professional, you will also be bestowed with the task of communicating with the stakeholders, different levels of authority, and many more.

The communication skills training helps you differentiate the manner in which one speaks to the higher authority from that with the junior staff.

3. Negotiation Skills

Another very important skill in HR professionals is their ability to efficiently negotiate and resolve conflicts. Negotiation skills are an integral part of any company. HR professionals should take up negotiation skills training and implement the acquired skills on occasions involving, discussions on annual leave, salary increases, and many more.

The key to achieving this is to make sure that the other party is not offended and that you are still able to achieve your goals.

4. Team Work

A team that works together is a team that rises together. And the department that looks after teamwork and employee relation is Human Resources. A strong team is built by successfully communicating and coordinating with every member. This helps in improving employee trust and boosting overall productivity.

5. Talent Management

A company also looks for talented candidates who can contribute to its success with the help of their creative and innovative ideas. Thus, an HR professional is bestowed with the task of identifying, acknowledging, managing, developing and fostering talent in the organization.

6. HR Strategy

The HR training in Dubai ensures to nourish the candidate’s strategic mindset and capabilities. HR professionals are known for their ability to interpret and implement strategies that contribute to the goals of the organization.

Thus, knowing how to design the most appropriate strategical approach and when to implement it is the key to becoming an expert Human Resources specialist.

7. Organizational Skills

All the important tasks performed in Human Resources demand good organizational and analytical skills. This involves implementing strategies that will lead one to achieve the organization’s goals.

Organizational leadership training helps in achieving this by translating these goals into specific actions that end with achieving the desired results.

8. Curiosity to Learn

There are consistent advancements in technology, which results in changes occurring in the systems across industries. Therefore, it becomes very important for HR professionals to keep in touch with the current trends and upgrade their skills and knowledge accordingly.

9. Technology

Being well acquainted with technology is also a very important part of being an HR professional. Some of the main technical areas that the HR professional should be familiar with are:

  •           ➤ ATS - A recruitment management software.
  •           ➤ CRM - A platform that manages the relationship between employees and the company's clients.
  •           ➤ Knowledge of some of the very important tools, like NPS and work climate tools, helps get employee feedback and implement strategies to promote and improve satisfaction.
  •          ➤ Knowledge of tools to share editable documents among several team members. These include Google’s G-Suite, or project management apps like Asana or Trello for task management.


10. Data Analysis


Data analysis has become an essential part of an HR professional’s work life. It helps the professional capture a huge amount of data on performance, satisfaction, or employee needs. You need to have expert knowledge of this to successfully prepare reports on the basis of the data.


While having a degree or a relevant credential can get you positioned as an HR, it is also important that you acquaint yourself with all the required skills to practice all your roles and responsibilities flawlessly. The HR training courses in Dubai are therefore the right step to embark on a successful career in the world of Human Resources.



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