5 Cloud Computing Certifications to Kickstart your Career in 2023

5 Cloud Computing Certifications to Kickstart your Career in 2023


With the acceleration in cloud computing adoption, becoming a cloud professional, especially with a cloud computing certification can lead to lucrative salaries. Building knowledge of cloud computing will make you a valuable asset in today’s competitive market. This has resulted in the creation of a wide range of cloud computing certification programs that will help individuals develop their skills and knowledge in cloud computing. Today, there is high competition among cloud platforms to provide the best cloud technology and services. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google are the pioneers in the field of cloud computing platforms. Although there are other cloud computing service providers like IBM, the top positions are acquired by these three. The increased significance of cloud technologies has shifted organisations’ spending majorly into cloud adoption. Studies project that by 2024, 14% of enterprise spending globally will be on the cloud.

The emerging market of cloud technologies has made it an attractive choice of career for many. With a place for professionals with various experience levels, it is the best career path. Many institutes are introducing cloud computing into their curriculum to train their students for a futuristic career path. The leading cloud computing service providers have developed numerous role-based certification programs that are apt for beginners as well as expert domain professionals. 

Cloud computing certifications are the green card to a lucrative career. It is highly beneficial for beginners as it helps them kick-start their careers in cloud computing. Here, we have jotted down the best 5 cloud computing certifications that are best for individuals who are wanting to embark on a career in the field of cloud computing.

The 5 Best Cloud Computing Certifications are:

1) Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect - Associate

Amazon Web Services is the leading platform in the cloud market. The AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification validates your ability to deploy, manage, and use various services in AWS. This certification will help you showcase your proficiency in the basic technical concepts of AWS cloud engineering that can position you to qualify for lucrative jobs, especially if you are a beginner.

2) Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure is one of the Cloud Trio. Microsoft Azure holds the second largest market share in the cloud space, this makes learning the Azure cloud platform highly beneficial. The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals is a foundational level cloud certification offered by Microsoft. The AZ 900 training trains you to clear the AZ 900 exam and is ideal for those with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. This certification helps you speed up your journey in cloud computing with fundamental Azure knowledge.

3) Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Google is the third leading cloud computing service provider. The Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification validates your competency in basic aspects of working with the Google cloud platform. This will help you showcase your credibility in setting up a cloud solution environment, managing storage and databases, and configuring access and security. 

4) IBM Certified Technical Advocate - Cloud v3

IBM is another cloud computing service provider that takes up less market share than the other 3 leading cloud service providers. Although the market share of IBM is less when compared to the other three pioneers, IBM certifications can be highly beneficial for individuals working in industries that use IBM cloud platforms. The IBM Certified Technical Advocate - Cloud v3 is a foundational level certification offered by IBM cloud to test and validate an individual’s proficiency in managing services on the IBM cloud platform.

5) Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge is a foundational level cloud computing certification offered by a vendor-neutral certification provider. The CCSK certification validated your proficiency in the fundamentals of cloud security. The CCSK training allows individuals to gain deep knowledge of the cloud security concepts that are neutral to all cloud platforms in the market. With this certification, you can increase your employability in all leading cloud service providers. 

Certifications are the bridge that connects you with your career goals. They have the power to validate and prove your domain proficiency when applying for jobs. The above-mentioned cloud computing certifications are the ones that you can opt for when building a career in the field of cloud computing. These certifications help you build a strong foundation in cloud computing and also give you the opportunity to grow through your career by achieving higher-level certifications that follow the same line of operations. 

Now that you have the names of the cloud certifications and their providers that could help you embark on a promising career path, all you need to do now is to start your preparation to achieve them. You can just get started by taking up one of our Cloud Computing training courses in Dubai.

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