5 Important Steps to Master Fashion Pattern Making

5 Important Steps to Master Fashion Pattern Making


From time immemorial, the fashion industry has always taken the world by storm. More so, in the modern period when fashion has become the medium of expressing not just one’s style, but also their interests, thoughts, and personality. We can definitely not ignore the growth of otakus, anime fans, k-pop lovers, Marvel/DC, and many more, who wish to dress up like their favourite characters or idols. Thus, the importance of professionals who can bring out the creative insight and awareness of the age becomes imperative.

Fashion pattern making is predominantly focused on how a particular garment takes shape. These professionals are trained to translate and transform creative patterns or sketches into real garments with the help of traditional tools and innovative programs.

Parallel to the growth of people who love to wear fashionable clothes, there is also the growth of people interested in implementing their creative and aesthetic abilities to bring a garment to life. As more and more candidates turn towards the fashion industry, the need for pattern making courses has taken a meteoric surge. These training programs introduce candidates to the nitty gritty of pattern making, introducing them to important areas of garment construction, fabric selection, manipulation, stitching, and many more.

For those aspiring candidates working their way into establishing a career in the fashion design industry, this article introduces you to 5 very crucial steps to master the art of fashion pattern making

What is Pattern Making?

Pattern making is the art of manipulating a flat piece of fabric to conform to the 3D shape and curves of the human body. The pattern is used as a template to cut the fabric that matches the required measurements to ultimately sew it into a garment. Thus, it will not be wrong to state that pattern making acts as a bridge between design and production. In modern times, with so much development happening in the world of technology, pattern makers even use computers and high-end tablets to create patterns that are then used to make real garments.

5 Steps to Master Fashion Pattern Making

1. Technical Skills

Any professional in the field of Fashion Design is expected to have strong technical skills. Mastering the following techniques can help you develop strong pattern making skills.

➤ Flat Pattern Making: The professional must have knowledge of taking accurate and precise measurements from a figure or dress form to successfully transfer them into a pattern on paper. This technique gives you the freedom to create multiple designs from a single pattern.

➤ Drafting: Implementing drafting means taking measurements from a fit model or standard sizing presets to finish the first drafts on paper.

➤ Draping: Fashion draping is the method where professionals drape the materials around the body of a live model or mannequin. This method is helpful in seeing the design on a real figure, and pinning and making adjustments accordingly to get accurate measurements. 

1. Attention to Detail

It is very important for pattern makers to keep a check that all the measurements are right. Because one slight mistake in the initial design can cause the whole collection to go down the drain. To remain in the fashion industry for a long time, the very first step is to ensure that the quality of the cloth is appreciated by the consumers because of its long-lasting and comfortable nature. The pattern makers are bestowed with the responsibility of creating secure embellishment stitching so that it doesn't fall off or come out easily.

The pattern making courses encourage candidates to have hawk eyes in catching minor flaws, double-checking and making sure to confirm correct measurement numbers.

2. Keep Up with the Trends

Fashion design is an accumulation of various factors that bring out a perfect garment. This includes taking into account the different types of fabrics, and materials being used. But much above this is to understand the trends and interests of the people. Staying updated on what kind of patterns and designs are in style will help you win the customer's attraction. However, it is also to be made sure that you do not simply copy whatever is being followed. Fashion design is a field that encourages you to come up with innovative ideas pertaining to the trends.

The next step is to have a strong understanding of which fabric requires what kind of materials. For example, delicate fabrics require smaller needles, thinner thread, and rolled hems.

3. Creative Abilities

As mentioned earlier, fashion design is all about coming up with creative, aesthetic, and innovative ideas. Your creativity will take you to greater heights in the industry. However, it is to be made sure that this creativity arises and stays in connection with the trends and practices of the age.

Your creativity will also be tested in coming up with solutions to overcome minor/major issues. As a pattern maker, you will be tested for your ability to interpret your design concept and translate it to paper. And in the process, if you face any problems, you should be able to come up with relevant solutions that do not affect your overall project.

4. Good Communication

The pattern maker is the link between the designer and the final production. Thus, it becomes important for these professionals to have strong communication skills to make sure that the idea is transferred correctly between both parties. Creating a garment is collaborative work, so there needs to be good teamwork and support among the members. This can only be achieved if the channel for communication is easy and fluent.

There is no doubt to the fact that the industry of fashion design has and will keep growing in the future. With new trends being set up every day, the industry is in search of professionals with strong skills and relevant credentials. The pattern making courses acquaint you with all the necessary skills and insights to help you make a mark in the fashion industry.

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