5 Job Prospects after Attending the Graphic Design Courses in Dubai

5 Job Prospects after Attending the Graphic Design Courses in Dubai


Two individuals with the same qualification can have totally different career paths. Everyone has different interests and the road toward success can be different for each.

Graphic Design, being a vast field, offers more than one job prospect to candidates with relevant Graphic Design credentials.

One of the major benefits of attending the Graphic Design courses in Dubai is the wide range of career opportunities that lay bare open on the successful completion of the training. Amy Lewin, a renowned Graphic Designer and Art Director asserts, “One of the beautiful aspects of studying Graphic Design is the wide variety of jobs one can pursue after receiving a Graphic Design degree.”

This article is written with the aim of bringing before you 5 amazing career options that you can pursue with a Graphic Design certificate.

What is Graphic Design?

When one speaks of Graphic Design, artistic advertisements, attractive graphics on websites, etc appear in front of our eyes. The term Graphic Design packets many things including posters, infographics, book covers, product labels, logos, business cards, signs, website layouts, mobile apps, software interfaces, and many more.

In simple words, we can say that Graphic Design is a craft where skilled designers create visual content to communicate messages. This they achieve by implementing visual hierarchy and page layout techniques. The Graphic Design course helps a designer to understand the goal of meeting user-specific needs by displaying messages via interactive designs in order to optimise the user experience.

Graphic Design is an important part of any organisation. Graphic Design professionals contribute extensively in promoting and selling products through advertising.

5 Job Prospects after Completing the Graphic Design Course in Dubai


1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for preparing engaging and on-point graphics for different media platforms to promote the brand or product. Successfully completing the Graphic Design course will help these professionals carry out the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing, and creating graphics such as illustrations, logos, layouts, and photos. Their major responsibilities are:


  • ➤ Successfully prepare drafts for projects and chip in ideas for better results
  • ➤ Create eye-catching illustrations, logos, etc using software tools
  • ➤ Choose the right colour palette and template for the project
  • ➤ Coordinate with copywriters and creative director to add final touches
  • ➤ Get feedback and make changes if necessary
  • ➤ Make sure that the final product is able to fulfil the needs of the clients/organization

Glassdoor records the average salary of a Graphic Designer to be AED 6,000 per month in Dubai.


2. User Experience (UX) Designer

UX designers play an active role in designing software and platforms that fulfil the needs of the users. Taking up the UI/UX design course will help you master the art of researching, designing, and combining interfaces and workflows to promote user experience. Their major responsibilities are to:

  • ➤ Have a thorough understanding of product specifications and user psychology
  • ➤ Design the perfect interaction model and make sure that it offers the best results
  • ➤ Develop wireframes and prototypes based on the need of the customer
  • ➤ Exercise problem-solving skills to offer relevant solutions for UX related problems
  • ➤ Coordinate with UI Designers to create and implement eye-catching designs
  • ➤ Stay updated on competitor products and industry trends

Glassdoor records the average salary of a UX Designer to be AED 19,500 per month in Dubai.


3. User Interface (UI) Designer

UI designers have more or less similar roles and responsibilities as UX designers. They are also responsible for creating good user experiences. These professionals are skilled in transforming high-level requirements into creative, innovative, and functional user interfaces. The job responsibilities assigned to them are as follow: 

  • ➤ Coordinate with the project management team to design and implement creative solutions for product direction, visuals, and experience
  • ➤ Work on ideas that are simple and user-friendly
  • ➤ Successfully create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows, and sitemaps
  • ➤ Conduct user research and evaluate user feedback
  • ➤ Stay updated on the best practices and services in the industry

Glassdoor records the average salary of a UI Designer to be AED 12,000 per month in Dubai.


4. Creative Director

Creative Directors are professionals who share their valuable and out-of-the-box ideas with the creative team to help them work on a project/task. They are responsible for strategizing the workflow of a project and monitoring its progress regularly. The major responsibilities bestowed on creative directors are: 

  • ➤ Design guidelines and strategies for the project and monitor its progress from start to completion.
  • ➤ Coordinate with account executives to obtain knowledge of the client's requirements
  • ➤ Design copies that meet the requirements of both client and the organization
  • ➤ Motivate the team to come up with creative ideas during meetings
  • ➤ Regularly revise the work of the team members and offer feedback

Glassdoor records the average salary of Creative Directors to be AED 30,000 per month in Dubai.


5. Multimedia Artist/Animator


These professionals are known for their expertise in designing complex graphics and animation using computer animation or modelling programs. Companies, today, have started adopting online video strategies to promote their brand and bring in customers. Their major responsibilities include:

  • ➤ Having knowledge of computers, films, digital cameras, etc to create graphics and animations
  • ➤ Creating sketches using computer animation or modelling software
  • ➤ Coordinating with other team members and sharing ideas
  • ➤ Making relevant changes to animations based on the feedback received from other designers, directors, etc
  • ➤ Creating storyboards in order to demonstrate the animation sequence

Glassdoor records the average salary of Multimedia Artists/Animators to be  AED 14,000 per month in Dubai.


Thus, it becomes very clear during the course of this article that the Graphic Designing industry is very versatile. In addition to the 5 career prospects listed in this article, there are many other options open as well such as that of a freelancer, product developer, and many more. If you are someone who wants to establish a career in this field, you should look for some good Graphic Design courses in Dubai and enrol to avail growth opportunities with lucrative salaries.

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