5 Kickass Tips to Learn Advanced Excel

5 Kickass Tips to Learn Advanced Excel


Excel is a term that is juggled around very commonly in the professional scenario. Almost every business professional has dabbled in Microsoft Excel sometime or the other, but the secret lies in the fact that very few among them have managed to master the platform. Since it is a sophisticated software with loads of functionality beneath its surface, it can seem intimidating to learn. However, Excel is not as challenging as people commonly believe. With the right advanced Excel course, your Excel training can generate great improvement and even open up doors to bigger job opportunities. That is supported by how almost 80% of middle-skills jobs require Spreadsheet and Word processing abilities.

Excel primarily has a reputation for being the platform that gives you the ability to make tables. But relatively less known are its features to organize data, perform complicated mathematical functions, and even create images. That emphasizes how much it boosts efficiency in a workspace and saves time for any business professional. In the context of career opportunities, Excel training can even increase your salary. On average, individuals with a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Excel make around $2 extra per hour as compared to those without. Needless to say, the rate increases the more fluent you are in navigating it.

If you look at everything there is to cover to master Excel, there is a high chance you will be overwhelmed. What makes the journey surprisingly easier is following predetermined steps that are designed to guide you according to your skillset. Since this method promises results, this is also the formula followed by every reputed Excel course in Dubai. The secret to efficient learning is to take a step back and break your ultimate goal into bite-sized steps. Below are the said steps tailor-made for anyone who feels they are pressed for time trying to grasp Excel.

1. Practice Simple Math Problems in Excel

When it comes to Excel, the easiest way to start is with basic mathematics. That way, you can not only get a handle on typing into Excel but also get comfortable with its abilities before jumping into more complex tasks such as learning functions and types of formatting.

2. Learn How to Create Tables

While it is helpful to use Excel to perform basic maths, it is undoubtedly not the main reason why you need to learn the software. Most of the end requirements would be either organizing data or creating tables in a business setting. Once you learn how to create tables, your data will immediately change and you will be able to manipulate it in different ways. For example, you will know how to filter out specific data or sort information relevant to your project or provided task in the professional context.

3. Learn How to Create Charts

Once you have a handle on creating tables, it would be time to learn how to generate graphs or charts. The steps involved in this are quite similar to creating a table, but you need to decide which type of chart or graph you would want ahead of time. With the proper Excel training, you will be able to comprehend and choose from the many suggestions that the Excel software provides you with. After all, you are the one who visualizes what your graph looks like and the context behind it. Aside from the previews you get from the “Charts” section, you can also select “More” for additional options and control over the final product.

4. Opt for Excel Courses in Dubai

When it comes to learning just about anything, turning to a training course or two can never hurt. The more advanced your skills get, the less you will need to update spreadsheets manually. That will no doubt free up your time to focus on more prioritized tasks. Proper Excel training courses in Dubai can help you master everything from formulas and charts to pivot tables and conditional formatting. Furthermore, they can even help you understand the data you are putting into the charts or tables and analyze them for deeper insights.

5. Earn a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Once you have become an advanced Microsoft Excel user, a certification program will help you demonstrate to your current and potential employers that you truly understand the software. If that is not alluring enough, what could be better than getting certified by Microsoft itself? The certification is primarily meant for demonstrating that you can effortlessly complete tasks using your fundamental Excel skills. You will also be able to create and edit workbooks with several sheets, visualize your data, and apply the correct primary features of Excel.

Microsoft Excel is not just meant for people who work with numbers every day. The software can help you compile information and lay it out in an understandable way even for personal use. Do you have a massive project coming up? Excel’s Project Management capabilities can help you keep track of even the most complex tasks. From attendance registers to examination mark sheets, everything can be made simpler with Excel.

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