5 Proven Ways to Boost your Emotional Intelligence

5 Proven Ways to Boost your Emotional Intelligence


According to a study by Johnson & Johnson, the highest performers in the workplace tend to have high Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The study found that 90% of high performers exhibited high levels of EQ, while 80% of low performers showed low EQ levels. Today, EQ is considered one of the strongest indicators of success in business and has become a key metric for assessing one's ability to control one's own emotions and handle those of others.

As organisations recognize the benefits of developing emotional intelligence in their workforce, they are incorporating Emotional Intelligence training programs to ensure that every employee has a high level of emotional intelligence. However, despite this growing focus on building EQ, a large percentage of professionals are still seen to have low EQ levels. This can be an alarming situation, particularly if professionals in top managerial positions are found to have low EQ.

Enrolling in EQ training programs is not the only way to improve one's EQ. Small changes in thought processes, reactions, and gestures can also help individuals achieve a higher level of emotional intelligence. Below, we will explore 5 proven methods for improving your emotional intelligence.

1. Manage negative emotions 

It is natural to experience negative thoughts and emotions, but they can be overwhelming and detrimental to oneself and others. Developing the ability to manage negative emotions effectively can have a significant impact on one's emotional intelligence (EQ) level. By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, one can shift their perspective and regain control over their emotions. It is crucial not to let negative emotions drive mood and actions, which can lead to further negative consequences. Therefore, practising emotional management and developing a positive mindset can greatly improve one's EQ level and overall well-being.

2. Mindfulness of your vocabulary 

Effective communication is critical for success in any business, and people with high emotional intelligence (EQ) may avoid communication flaws and use the most relevant phrases. The words we use can reflect our EQ, and choosing the proper words can considerably improve our emotional intelligence. We can guarantee that our words have a beneficial influence on others by being careful of our terminology, and we may avoid using language that may cause misunderstandings or offence. This not only improves working connections but also allows us to express ourselves more effectively and empathically.

3. Practice empathy 

Developing empathy is a crucial skill that can provide you with valuable insights into the emotions and perspectives of others. Recognizing that everyone has their own unique challenges and reacting with compassion can help to build positive relationships. Practising empathy involves directing your attention to others and understanding their problems, as well as imagining yourself in their situation. By doing so, you can create and convey empathetic messages that make individuals feel validated and appreciated. Cultivating empathy is an ongoing process that requires active listening and emotional awareness, but it can have a profound impact on your interactions with others.

4. Know your stress factors 

Stress is inevitable, and knowing how to manage it well may be a huge victory. Identifying the things that cause stress is one of the keys to treating it. You may prevent or handle stressful circumstances if you understand what causes them. It's also critical to prioritise things that help you relax and reduce stress. Relaxation activities, such as meditation or exercise, can help regulate your emotional responses and increase your ability to perform efficiently. Finally, by being proactive and aware of your stressors, you can regain control of your emotional well-being.

5. Bounce back from adversity 

Adversity is an unavoidable aspect of life, and everyone confronts difficulties at some point in their lives. The way we respond to hardship can have a big impact on our potential to achieve. A good attitude and an optimistic view can help us overcome obstacles and recover from setbacks. It is critical to have a resilient mindset and focus on solutions in the face of hardship rather than whining or giving up. We may turn hardship into an opportunity for growth and achievement in our personal and professional lives by fostering resilience and a positive mindset.


Emotional intelligence is a necessary talent that influences a person's capacity to connect with and integrate into a community. It is a comprehensive soft talent that influences how we go through life, interact with others, and make decisions. Self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills are all components of emotional intelligence. It is a skill that anyone with a strong desire to improve may learn. It takes time and works to develop emotional intelligence, but it provides multiple opportunities to test and grow it through diverse scenarios, challenges, and relationships. Individuals who develop their emotional intelligence become more self-aware, making it simpler to detect and comprehend their emotions and how they affect their behaviour. Self-regulation ensures that individuals have control over their emotions, allowing them to respond to stressful events appropriately. Empathy enables people to connect with others more effectively, understand their feelings, and respond properly. Finally, social skills enable people to form and sustain connections, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others. Overall, emotional intelligence is a necessary talent that everyone may benefit from training in order to improve personal and professional relationships and make better decisions.

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With desire and practice, improving your emotional intelligence is as simple as possible. If you are all set to bring your emotional quotient a level up, then all you need is to practice the above-mentioned ways. But, if you still feel like getting into it’s roots, then our emotional intelligence training is right for you.

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