5 Top Cloud Platforms for 2023

5 Top Cloud Platforms for 2023


In recent years, the number of cloud platforms has grown as the presence of cloud computing spread like wildfire in the IT industry. Its ability to automate and simplify a multitude of tasks in companies has made a majority of companies shift towards the cloud. Today, almost 90% of companies across the globe have adopted the cloud. This rapid growth in cloud adoption has made IT infrastructures more convenient and agile.

Cloud adoption is the talk of the hour in the IT world. As a result of the growth of cloud computing, there are multiple cloud platforms in the industry that are competing to provide the best cloud services to their customers. The prominence of cloud services is widespread, it is used in the operations of various organisational sectors such as equipment, human resources, data, policies, methods, and external contacts. This article will take you through the top cloud platforms that provide the best cloud services and are widely used by companies across the globe.

Here are the best cloud platforms in the industry:

1. Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Amazon is the leading cloud service provider at the moment and they are to keep this title for the foreseeable future. Although there are multiple other cloud providers, none has been able to take this title to date as AWS continues to win the trust of many world-leading companies in their respective industries. Amazon, one of the top 5 companies in the world, is the first organization to take advantage of this opportunity with its Amazon Web Service (AWS) product. This has made them the first choice of cloud computing services provider for companies of all sizes.

2. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offered by Google offers a number of services that operate over the cloud. Google cloud services provide customised cloud services mainly for the purpose of storage, application development, and computing which run on Google hardware. Easily accessible by IT professionals, cloud administrators, and software developers across the globe, GCP takes the second position in the top cloud service provider list.

3. Microsoft Azure

Launched in February 2010 by Microsoft, Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud service providers of today.  With Microsoft’s long-lasting position in the world of technology for years, Microsoft Azure successfully made its mark in the cloud computing industry. Even with its late entry into the cloud computing market, it was able to reach the top of the industry. The Microsoft Azure cloud services have a deep involvement through all cloud layers and thus make it one of the leading cloud providers in the world. Microsoft Azure is widely used for providing unparalleled services for service management, hosting solutions, and data storage.

4. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud, a product of IBM took its inception during the merge of their visualisation technologies and mainframe computing. IBM Cloud includes a wide range of cloud computing services that run on both infrastructures as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). As per IBM’s statement, IBM Cloud is used by 47 out of the Fortune 50 companies.

5. Oracle

Offered by Oracle Corporation, Oracle is one of the most popular private cloud computing service providers in the world. Oracle offers cloud services which customers can order on-demand over the internet. Their services are usually used for deploying, building, extending, and integrating applications over the cloud. All through its global network of data centres, Oracle helps companies with their network, storage, services, applications, and servers and takes a trusted position in the cloud computing market.

Now that you are walked through the top cloud platforms, you can now choose the cloud provider that fits your business requirements. Each of these cloud service providers has its own share of offerings which are unique and different from the rest. Understanding the actual business operations requirements and the functional quality of the cloud providers is where your expertise lies. Deploying the right and most suitable cloud platform will help you in running your organisational operations in the most optimal way.

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