5 Ways to Learn Cloud Computing Easily from the Scratch

5 Ways to Learn Cloud Computing Easily from the Scratch


Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies approach their digital infrastructures. With each passing day, cloud computing continues to expand its reach by allowing companies to share cloud servers directly over the internet. As a result, cybersecurity is also shifting towards cloud security, as more and more businesses, organizations, and IT industries opt for cloud solutions. According to a recent survey by IDG, 92% of organizations' IT environments have a presence in the cloud, indicating that the field of cloud computing is poised for significant growth in the coming years. This makes it an excellent area for job opportunities, especially for those with the right combination of cloud and cybersecurity skills and the necessary certifications. This is where cloud computing courses in Dubai can play a crucial role in helping aspiring professionals land their dream jobs.

For those looking to establish a career in the information security industry, acquiring cloud computing certifications can be extremely beneficial. Employers typically seek candidates who have earned credentials that demonstrate their technical skills in specific domains, and obtaining cloud computing certification can validate your knowledge and critical skills to recruiters and hiring managers. Moreover, the field of cloud computing not only offers cost-effective and efficient solutions but also a constantly growing number of career opportunities for young professionals.

To master cloud computing from scratch, there are several important steps you can take, including choosing the right certification, receiving proper guidance, and focusing on self-study. However, with a plethora of certifications available both online and offline, selecting the most appropriate one can be challenging. Therefore, it's important to carefully consider the topics and concepts covered in each certification before committing to a course.

7 Best Cloud Certifications are:

1. Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

Earning the CCSP certification provides tangible proof of your advanced technical skills in the industry. The course builds your knowledge across six different domains, which are:

  • ➤ Cloud architecture and design
  • ➤ Cloud data security
  • ➤ Cloud platform and infrastructure security
  • ➤ Cloud application security
  • ➤ Legal, risk, and compliance
  • ➤ Cloud security operations

By covering these key areas, the CCSP certification demonstrates your ability to perform complex tasks and excel in various aspects of cloud security.

2. Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer 

This certificate is administered by Google and earning it proves your ability to design, configure, and implement secure infrastructures on the Google Cloud Platform. The important topics covered in this certification course include:

  • ➤ Configuring identity and access management
  • ➤ Defining security policies
  • ➤ Implementing network security
  • ➤ Analyzing logs and managing incident response
  • ➤ Protecting data with Google Cloud technologies

By mastering these topics, you can demonstrate your proficiency in securing cloud infrastructures on the Google Cloud Platform, which is a highly sought-after skill in the industry.

3. CompTIA Cloud+

Cloud specialists, cloud architects, information security managers, vulnerability testers, and cybersecurity cloud specialists are known for their ability to plan, deploy, and automate secure cloud environments. Successfully completing this certification course will make you confident in topics such as:

  • ➤ High availability and disaster recovery
  • ➤ Automation and virtualization
  • ➤ Cloud architecture
  • ➤ Identity and access management
  • ➤ Securing networks in a cloud environment
  • ➤ OS and application security controls

Mastering these topics is crucial for building secure and reliable cloud infrastructures, and earning this certification can help you stand out to potential employers in the industry.

4. Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

The Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) certification is administered by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), and earning it can position you as a threat analyst, cybersecurity architect, ethical hacker, security analyst, or IT security engineer in any organization. The areas covered in this certification course include:

  • ➤ Cloud architecture
  • ➤ Governance, risk management, legal issues
  • ➤ Infrastructure security
  • ➤ Data security and encryption
  • ➤ Incident response
  • ➤ Application security and security as a service

Gaining knowledge and skills in these areas is crucial for securing cloud environments, and earning the CCSK certification can help demonstrate your expertise to potential employers in the industry.

5. Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate

This certification course aims at nourishing your skills in scripting, automation, networking, virtualization, and cloud architecture and capabilities. Other things that you get to learn in this course are: 

  • ➤ Configuring and managing secure access in Azure Active Directory
  • ➤ Implementing platform protection
  • ➤ Managing security operations with Azure Monitor, Security Center, and Sentinel
  • ➤ Securing data and applications

5 Easy Ways to Learn Cloud Computing from Scratch 

1. Work on the Fundamentals 

Having a strong foundation and understanding of Windows, Linux, and basic networking skills can help kickstart your career in cloud computing. This can be achieved by registering for a cloud computing course in Dubai.

Some important skills that play a major role in the domain of cloud computing include:

  • ➤ Programming Skills
  • ➤ Knowledge of Agile Development
  • ➤ Operating Systems Knowledge
  • ➤ Database Knowledge
  • ➤ Basic Security and Privacy Concepts
  • ➤ Basic Networking Concepts

2. Understand the Concept Behind Virtual Machine (VM)

A virtual machine is a software-based emulation of a physical computer that is presented virtually with no physical identity attached to it. It consists of virtualized components such as an operating system, CPU, RAM, and disk space that are hosted on a physical server or a cloud infrastructure. 

3. Strong Knowledge of Networking

Networking is a complex topic that requires time and practice to master important concepts related to operating systems, servers, and virtual machines. To begin with, one can start with the virtual private cloud. Every virtual machine has a virtual communication center that allows it to communicate with physical servers and other connected machines, which is known as the VPC.

4. Understand the types of Clouds

The different stages of cloud computing include public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Public Cloud

The public cloud is one of the most commonly used terminologies in the market today. This is a publicly accessible framework, achieved either through programming or autonomously. One can easily store data or use it as a virtual machine without having to invest any extra time and effort in purchasing physical servers, as they are available on a pay-per-use basis.

Private Cloud

A private cloud comes into play when all the hardware and software resources are dedicated and made accessible exclusively to a single customer. With the help of a private cloud, the organization can opt for a data center depending on its security and compliance needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Certain businesses benefit from a combination of both private and public clouds. This phenomenon is termed the hybrid cloud.

5. Know About the Cloud Server Providers 

It is important to have an understanding of the important cloud server providers in the market today. These include:

Amazon Web Services: They are prominently known for their contribution towards seamless integrations and services.

Microsoft Azure: These are ideal for clients who prefer Microsoft products.

Google Cloud Platform: Developers looking for smooth cloud services for development can use the Google Cloud Platform.

There is no denying the fact that cloud computing has taken the business world by storm. With its increasing popularity, new job roles and positions are being created regularly. However, these roles can only be obtained by those with the right skills and credentials. The cloud computing course in Dubai offers a comprehensive syllabus that trains the participants on all the important topics necessary to master for establishing a successful professional career.

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