6 Benefits of Attending the PMP Course in Dubai

6 Benefits of Attending the PMP Course in Dubai


The high esteem and demand for a job role are accompanied by the labor and toil to achieve it. While many aspirants have taken a turn towards becoming Project Managers, most of them have found the PMP exam to be complicated and challenging to crack. But this task is made easier by the PMP course in Dubai, whose comprehensively structured syllabus trains the candidate on the principles and best practices to manage projects effectively in real-world situations.

Apart from validating the professional’s knowledge of Project Management processes, tools, techniques, and methodologies, this credential also offers other exciting benefits.

Therefore, this article will list all the other advantages you can enjoy with a PMP certificate in hand.

1. Adds Value to Your Resume

PMP certification is a globally recognized credential for Project Managers. Employers are in constant search of certified Project Managers with relevant skills and knowledge to contribute to the organization’s growth strategies. A complete assessment of a candidate’s expertise is impossible in a single interview. But the mention of the PMP certificate on the candidate’s resume helps the employer filter out the best among other applicants.

Moreover, there are many companies around the world that have made it compulsory for candidates to earn the PMP certificate. This means those without one are not eligible to apply for the Project Manager position.

2. Global Recognition

As mentioned earlier, the PMP credential is internationally recognized. Therefore, earning this certificate will make you eligible to work and travel across different countries. Moreover, the constantly rising demands for Project Managers have opened doors for career growth and development for candidates with the PMP certificate.

According to a survey conducted by Job Growth and Talent Gap, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles by 2027.

3. Salary Hike

The increasing demand for Project Managers is compensated with impressive salaries offered to candidates with the PMP credential. As already established, the PMP certificate adds value to your career. This value is reflected not just in job prospects, but also in the salary that the professional receives. Numerous reports and evidence suggest that Project Managers with PMP credentials earn 16%-23% more than non-certified professionals.

Moreover, with every year added to your experience, you will not only enjoy career growth in the form of promotions but also in the form of significant salary increases.

4. Validates PM Knowledge and Skills

It is no secret that obtaining the PMP certification is a clear demonstration of one's comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in Project Management. However, to become certified, one must dedicate a significant amount of time to rigorous training, as mandated by the PMI.

The PMP course in Dubai covers the five major Project Management processes: planning, initiation, implementation, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

This course provides a thorough understanding of all aspects of Project Management, boosting your confidence to pass the PMP certification exam with ease.

5. Networking Opportunities 

As records suggest, PMI has about 773,840 active PMP certification holders across the world. Therefore, earning the PMP Certificate makes you a member of this huge networking forum. There are regular meetings arranged by PMI in major cities across the world. These meetings allow members to interact with one another and form professional relationships. These networking opportunities are a great boost to your career. With members from all across the world, you also have the opportunity to establish international professional networks with other certified professionals in the industry.

6. Improves and Polishes your Skills

There are countless Project Managers in the job market, but the PMP Certification on your resume will set you apart from the crowd. The PMP exam syllabus, based on the PMBOK guide, aims to build comprehensive skills that will help you excel in your career. The certification validates your expertise in both hard and soft skills, as well as knowledge of best practices and current trends in Project Management.

Additionally, you will learn new tricks and techniques in project management activities. In summation, the PMP certification is highly valued among Project Managers, but passing the exam can be a hurdle. Fortunately, the PMP course in Dubai offers a PMI curriculum-inspired training that is one of the best professional training courses available.

Message from the Author

Clearing the PMP exam is no longer as challenging and taxing thanks to the PMP certification training in Dubai. Now you can easily master the processes, tools, techniques, and methodologies in Project management with the help of industry-expert trainers.

To learn more, visit https://learnerspoint.org/  or give a call at +971 (04) 403 8000, or simply drop a message on Whatsapp.

Learners Point Academy is a KHDA and ISO 9001:2015 accredited training institute in Dubai.

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