6 Career Opportunities after Completing your AutoCAD 2D & 3D Courses

6 Career Opportunities after Completing your AutoCAD 2D & 3D Courses


AutoCAD, a highly demanded industry-recognized software, is used by professionals to plan, draw, and edit 2D and 3D technical designs. Also known as “computer-aided design”, the popularity of AutoCAD stems from its ability to prevent product failures and warranty issues. A professional using AutoCAD can efficiently project his/her creative and innovative abilities onto the software to create realistic presentations.

The introduction of AutoCAD in 1982, reduced the burden of using manual hand drafting tools like drafting boards and pencils, parallel rulers, compasses, and triangles. The AutoCAD 2D and 3D courses introduce the candidates’ to CAD application and its automated set of tools and features. These features come with their own set of benefits. It gives you the ability to command the visual aspects of texts, automatically design dimension styles, add lighting and materials to the 3D models, control the shading and edges of the 3D models, etc.

With its popularity among professionals, earning the AutoCAD credential also opens doors to various career opportunities.

In this article, we will introduce you to high-paying job prospects which you can achieve after completing your AutoCAD course in Dubai:

1. Mechanical Engineer 

AutoCAD experts with a degree in mechanical engineering can establish themselves in entry-level or senior-level positions in the field. Their major roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  •         ➤ Perform lifecycle product development, starting from designing, developing, testing prototypes, manufacturing, and implementing.
  •         ➤  Ability to produce outline designs that fulfil the project’s needs and requirements.
  •         ➤ Capable of conducting experiments to analyze data and interpret results.
  •         ➤ Test and evaluate the overall performance, reliability, and safety of the final product.
  •         ➤ Alter and modify designs in case of any disturbance or malfunction.

→ Glassdoor records the average salary of mechanical engineers to be   AED 5,000 per month in Dubai.

2. Civil Engineer

Attending the AutoCAD course in Dubai can be very beneficial for civil engineers. Their primary job roles are:

  •        ➤ Managing, designing, developing, creating, and maintaining construction projects.
  •        ➤ Creating base maps and conducting on-site investigations to assess any potential risks.
  •        ➤  Ability to provide estimations of exact measurements, materials, and cost. 
  •        ➤ Provide creative and effective solutions to any potential problem.
  •        ➤ Monitor the progress and provide reports on the project status.

→ Glassdoor records the average salary of a civil engineer to be AED 6,500 per month in Dubai.

3. Electrical Engineer

AutoCAD software helps electrical engineers to design and modify electrical and electronic diagrams. Their main responsibilities are as follows:

  •        ➤ Design electrical systems and products, like power generators, communication devices, navigation systems, and electrical units of aircraft, automobiles, etc,  based on customer requirements.
  •       ➤ Coordinate with other engineers and technicians to design and come up with effective system processes.
  •       ➤ Make sure that the applications are installed as per the customer's requirements. 
  •       ➤ Perform regular inspections to carry out quality and performance analysis.
  •       ➤ Systematically note down data and report on test results.

→ Glassdoor records that the average salary for Electrical Engineer is AED 6,150 per month in Dubai.

4. Interior Designer

If you are an aspiring interior designer, earning the AutoCAD credential can add extra stars to your portfolio. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities assigned to an interior designer:


  •      ➤ Using the AutoCAD software to perform elevation views, floor planning, plotting, dimensioning, and visualizing.
  •      ➤ Make rough plans and designs based on customer needs
  •      ➤ Foster creative ideas and designs running parallel with industry changes and best practices.
  •      ➤ Inspect and supervise work progress regularly
  •      ➤ Provide necessary and innovative solutions where and when necessary.

→ Glassdoor records the average salary of an Interior Designer to be AED 7,000 per month in Dubai.

5. Fashion Designer

Taking up the AutoCAD course in Dubai can be the best decision for any aspiring fashion designer. AutoCAD proves to be their best companion in creating innovative sketches, prints, patterns, designs, and styles. The major responsibilities bestowed on a fashion designer are:


  •     ➤ Stay updated on the current fashion trends
  •     ➤ Coordinate with the design team to come up with new ideas
  •     ➤ Create clothing designs and patterns for mass production
  •     ➤ Select the fabric, colour, pattern, texture, etc, that best represents the design
  •     ➤ Developing CAD sketches to present to stakeholders
  •     ➤ Inspect the final product and production of the design, including carrying out fittings, determining prices, and managing marketing.

→ Glassdoor records the average salary of a Fashion Designer to be AED 9,500 per month in Dubai.

6. Project Architect

Mastery of AutoCAD software is the prerequisite for any professional project architect. These professionals are responsible for:


  •    ➤ Looking after the design and construction of commercial, industrial, and residential building projects.
  •    ➤ Make sure that the design is high quality, innovative and functional.
  •    ➤ Come up with ideas that fulfil the client’s needs, building usage, and environmental impact.
  •    ➤ Produce blueprints and make necessary corrections where and when required.
  •    ➤ Visit sites to ensure that the work is carried out based on the standards, building codes, guidelines, and regulations.

→ Glassdoor records the average salary of a Project Architect to be AED 11,500 per month in Dubai.

The aim of this article was to establish the scopes and benefits offered by the AutoCAD certificate. If you are someone aspiring for a career in the above-mentioned job roles, you can easily apply and register for the AutoCAD course in Dubai to earn your globally recognized and demanded credentials.

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