6 Most Enticing Human Resources Jobs in Dubai

6 Most Enticing Human Resources Jobs in Dubai


It is no secret that Human Resources is the heart and soul of every business, whether big or small. Organizations will crumble without the services of their employees. So looking after their needs becomes as important as completing tasks and projects. Professionals in this department are hired to deal with different aspects of employee satisfaction such as hiring and terminating employees, compensation, workplace culture, employee relations, performance management, safety and health, benefits, payroll, government regulations, compliance, and the list goes on.

The popularity and demand of a department come with opportunities and vacancies for candidates who have earned the required credential. A career in Human Resources guarantees lifelong security with abundant growth and promotion opportunities. In addition, and liked by many, this department offers some of the highest-paying Human Resources jobs. As a cherry on top, jobs in this sector are never boring and monotonous. With an HR certification in Dubai, you have at your disposal some of the most existing, energetic, and dynamic career prospects.

However, with so many options around, one can feel overwhelmed and confused as to which one caters to their qualification, interests, and passion. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to present before you some of the carefully selected HR jobs that can add wings to your professional life.

Here are the Top 6 Human Resources Jobs in Dubai:

1. Placement Manager

Placement Managers are bestowed with the responsibility of managing and monitoring the day-to-day activities of the trainee. In coordination with the Training Manager, they manage the sourcing, interviewing, and employment processes. The major tasks performed by these professionals are:

  • ➤ Regularly updating and designing new recruiting procedures
  • ➤ Keeping track of recruiting metrics (e.g. time-to-hire and cost-per-hire)
  • ➤ Building and strengthening the company’s professional network by connecting with other HR professionals, colleagues, and partners
  • ➤ Carefully planning corporate strategic activities including guest lectures, panel discussions, conclaves, workshops, competitions, etc
  • ➤ Coordinating and working closely with stakeholders including Alumni, Faculty, Administration, Marketing, and Admissions teams to fulfil the organization’s objectives
  • ➤ Achieving placement and internship targets
  • ➤ Laying down key objectives of work placement
  • ➤ Offering support and guidance to the trainee
  • ➤ Identifying training and development opportunities in the workplace
  • ➤ Systematically approving and documenting annual leave requests, attendance records, and sickness absences 

Glassdoor records the average salary of a Placement Manager in the UAE is AED 20,000 per month.

2. Employee Relations Specialist

Employee Relations Specialists are trusted professionals who work toward creating a positive work environment promoting employee satisfaction and productivity. Their major responsibilities include:

  • ➤ Collecting, analyzing, and documenting employee data
  • ➤ Regularly updating and systematically organizing employee files
  • ➤ Conducting exit interviews
  • ➤ Creating accurate employee profiles with the help of the collected employee data
  • ➤ Attending events and job fairs to represent the company
  • ➤ Planning, designing, and managing orientation and training

Glassdoor records the average salary of an Employee Relations Specialist in the UAE is AED 9,000 per month.

3. Executive Recruiter

Executive Recruiters have a keen eye for picking out the best talent that add value to the business. Some of the major roles attributed to them are:

  • ➤ Carrying out a targeted research strategy
  • ➤ Carrying research on the client's company, competitors, and marketplace
  • ➤ Tracking candidates using different channels who meet the company's qualification requirements
  • ➤ Designing strategies to build long-lasting client relationships
  • ➤ Researching and developing recruiting leads
  • ➤ Preparing detailed profile summaries of shortlisted candidates
  • ➤ Assisting in the candidate’s transition and onboarding process

Glassdoor records the average salary of an Executive Recruiter in the UAE is AED 5,150 per month.

4. Human Resources Manager

Added to the list of highest-paying Human Resources jobs is the title of Human Resources Manager. To earn this position, professionals are required to have a certain set of HR skills that will contribute to their productivity in the workplace. The primary roles and responsibilities of these professionals include:

  • ➤ Designing and implementing HR strategies that meet and fulfill the company's objectives
  • ➤ Monitoring and managing the recruitment and selection processes
  • ➤ Addressing the demands, problems, and doubts of the employees
  • ➤ Working towards the development, engagement, motivation, and preservation of human capital
  • ➤ Monitoring the successful functioning of HR strategies, systems, and procedures
  • ➤ Promoting employee satisfaction to build a positive work environment

Glassdoor records the average salary of a Human Resources Manager in the UAE is AED 16,000 per month.

5. HR Consultant

HR Consultants have an all-around responsibility to fulfil in an organization. With the help of their in-depth knowledge of human resource management, these professionals are able to carry out the following tasks:

  • ➤ Designing and implementing strategic plans to address matters surrounding Human Resources
  • ➤ Assisting in recruiting, training and management
  • ➤ Conducting research to identify problems and offer relevant solutions
  • ➤ Assisting in the development and integration of policies
  • ➤ Confidently lead Human Resource programs and projects
  • ➤ Establishing control systems for compliance with business methods and HR practices

Glassdoor records the average salary of an HR Consultant in the UAE is AED 19,000 per month.

6. Training and Development Manager

Companies hire these professionals to help their employees advance their skills and knowledge. The main tasks attributed to these professionals are: 

  • ➤ Executing learning strategies and programs in line with the company’s objectives
  • ➤ Evaluating individual and organizational development needs
  • ➤ Researching and bringing on board the best training and development specialists
  • ➤ Tracking budgets and negotiating contracts
  • ➤ Suggesting and implementing training methods based on employee needs and schedules
  • ➤ Assessing the success of development plans

Glassdoor records the average salary of a Training and Development Manager in the UAE is AED 18,300 per month.

The list of possible HR jobs one can avail of by earning the HR certification in Dubai is endless. However, all of these roles does demand the candidate’s sound knowledge and expertise in the subject. The only way to stand tall and above all other competitors in the job market is to attend some good HR-related courses.

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