7 Benefits of Acquiring the Adobe Illustrator Certification

7 Benefits of Acquiring the Adobe Illustrator Certification


Adobe Illustrator is a globally used vector graphics editing program for designing. This highly essential software is the magic wand for graphic designers, artists, illustrators, etc, with the help of which these professionals are able to bring their creative ideas to life in the forms of logos, icons, charts, infographics, posters, ads, books, magazines, and brochures.

First designed in 1986, Adobe Illustrator has since managed to maintain its prominence in the corporate world. Its vector-based creative program helps in drawing shapes with the help of algorithms. The employment of an algorithm, instead of using bitmap images to store data, benefit in creating designs without losing their quality or overall resolution.

Its consistent popularity has prompted many aspirants to take up the Adobe Illustrator certification course. These courses train them to master the tools and functions of this software which then helps them garner acclaim for their creative and attractive designs in their workplace. 

Why do Professionals prefer Illustrator over Photoshop?

The vector graphics in Illustrator is more flexible to use. One can easily make changes without having to start from scratch. However, to say that Illustrator is better than Photoshop would be an empty statement. Most professionals use both these programs together as each has its own set of benefits. While Illustrator is used as vector-editing software, Photoshop is used as image-editing software.

Adobe Illustrator is considered to be the best application for:

  • ➤ Freehand drawing
  • ➤ Logos and icon creation
  • ➤ Infographic creation
  • ➤ Projects that require extensive line drawing. For example, graphs, and charts
  • ➤ Custom fonts and typography
  • ➤ Print projects with excessive typography
  • ➤ Custom font creation
  • ➤ Scalable works that can easily accommodate a wide range of platforms and products

Why should One Earn the Adobe Illustrator Certification

1. Has a Helpful User Interface

The Illustrator interface supports custom viewing so that you can flexibly customize your overall workspace. It also has the option of enabling space saving. All the available options help you work comfortably.

2. Creates Files of Manageable Sizes

The files created and saved on Adobe Illustrator are of relatively smaller size. You do not have to go through the hassle of syncing these massive files to the cloud. You can easily share, mail, and attach them to other computer resources.

3. Works on Any Computer System

Adobe Illustrator works exceptionally well on any computer system, whether it be Windows PCs or Apple products. You just need to make sure that the system’s operating system is up-to-date. However, one downside of Illustrator is that it doesn't work efficiently on mobile devices.

4. Completely Scalable

When working with Adobe Illustrator, you will face no resolution issues at all because the graphics in illustrator are stored in mathematical equations instead of pixels. Illustrator gives you the freedom to rotate and scale images accurately without losing data or compromising the quality of the resolution.

5. Allows In-Panel Editing

You can save a considerable amount of time when working with Illustrator because of its inbuilt panel editing.  It allows using multiple artboards simultaneously. With the help of this, you can easily work on multiple similar images at one time, as compared to other programs that force you to work on one image at a time.

6. 3-Dimensional Graphics

Adobe 3D functions allow you to create creative and attractive 3D shapes and images to add extra charms to your work. In addition, you can also add dimensions to these images/shapes by adding colour to them.

7. Easily Exportable 

Files from Adobe can be easily exported for printing and web publishing purposes. However, the best way to do this is by converting these files into pdf formats.

But while there are so many benefits offered by Adobe Illustrator, it has its limitations as well.

Some of the disadvantages attributed to Adobe Illustrator are:

1. Steep Learning Curve

Adobe Illustrator is best suited for professionals who have mastered vector-based graphics. However, for beginners, Illustrator can appear to be a little difficult to understand. Thus, attending the Adobe Illustrator course is the best way to understand the various features that this platform has to offer.

2. Requires Time to Master

As understood in the above-mentioned points, mastering Adobe Illustrator can take some time. Attending the training programs will nurture your skills in producing realistic and creative projects. With experience, you will be able to develop a keen eye for detail and perfection.

3. Takes Up Space 

The updated version of Adobe Illustrator takes up a lot of space. In addition to that, image tracing in Illustrator can be difficult for new users.

4. Limited Support for Raster Graphics 

Adobe Illustrator poses an exception for products that require vector graphics. If you are working on a project that uses bitmap images with the dot-matrix data structures of pixels, then Illustrator can prove to be an inconvenience.

Despite its limitations, Adobe Illustrator has still won the trust of graphic designers all over the world. The best way to master this software program is by enrolling in an Adobe Illustrator course. This will not just help in nourishing and upgrading your skills, but the Adobe Illustrator certificate that you earn with the successful completion of the training will open doors to numerous career opportunities.

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