7 Benefits of CIPS Qualification in Dubai

7 Benefits of CIPS Qualification in Dubai


To throw light on its background, the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) is the leading body for procurement with its globally-recognized qualifications, setting the global standard in procurement and supply management and providing the ideal training for procurement professionals at any stage in their career.

Working in procurement can be challenging, with many roles and responsibilities falling under your remit. You’re often dealing with balancing budgets, managing supplier relationships, sourcing products, and other tasks that must all be juggled with ease and efficiency. As they not only enhance your knowledge of procurement and supply processes but also help make this balancing act that much easier, that is why both employees and employers are often on the hunt for the benefits of CIPS qualification in Dubai.

Since they are accredited by the organization that promotes and protects the sector's high standards, CIPS qualifications in Dubai are highly regarded as the ideal training for procurement professionals of all levels.

Here are some of the primary benefits of CIPS qualification you can obtain upon properly pursuing the path of procurement.

1. It enhances ethical sourcing

Now more than ever, we look to the ethics of an organization to decide if we want to buy from or work with them. Maintaining ethical practices at every point in the supply chain is no mean feat, but with the right knowledge, you can tackle this. Banding together with other organizations in your industry can spread the responsibility and help to share the load. There is a high likelihood that you deal with the same suppliers and sources, so compare the results of due diligence and set industry-wide standards.

2. It creates equitable deals

When thinking of the benefits of a CIPS qualification, one should also consider how negotiation tactics can drastically influence the outcome of a meeting. While many seasoned procurement professionals believe they handle these effectively, new tactics and concepts can take their skills to the next level. Creating deals that are equitable for both parties creates better supplier relations and reduces risk within the supply chain.

3. It manages supplier relations

Maintaining great supplier relations requires you to go the extra mile, but there are also numerous benefits to doing so. With an insight into the supply chain, your CIPS qualifications in Dubai can help you make strategic changes in advance, instead of reacting after the fact. By communicating with and actively managing suppliers, you can reduce risk within your supply chain.

4. It builds accredited teams

With accreditation and qualifications, entire teams can perform at their very best. A qualified individual can pool their knowledge whereas an accredited team is more likely to understand and follow best practices. By offering continuing professional development, your organization can retain the top procurement talent. With the right mix of professional support and opportunities, you can build and retain an effective procurement team.

5. It reduces unnecessary expenditure

Wastage and unnecessary spending can prompt procurement costs to spiral out of control. Errors with ordering or misunderstandings can cost your organization dearly. With a better understanding of procurement, these costs can be drastically reduced. Qualified procurement professionals are better placed to re-examine processes, with a keen eye for those that may be causing issues. Through a CIPS qualification, you learn how best to assess the value of different tender bids. Calculating the total lifetime cost of a service or product makes for a simpler comparison than

6. It tackles procurement fraud

Did you know that procurement fraud adds 10% to the cost of procurement projects globally? These additional costs can make or break a project, with serious implications for your organization. Corruption, bid-rigging, and bribery are all damaging to your organization. Learning to spot and combat these issues ensures a fairer, more cost-effective procurement process. Training for procurement professionals and actively working against procurement fraud is the only way to reduce these costs.

7. It enables you to read the latest research

Technological and economic advances can impact your day-to-day role. With a CIPS membership, you can avail yourself of the latest knowledge and research. They carry out in-depth research, with actionable results that you can bring into your workplace. Furthermore, members can sign up for daily news alerts from Supply Management, the official publication of CIPS. If you want to keep your ear to the ground for all the latest procurement news, signing up for this publication is necessary. By understanding the shifting landscape of procurement, you can work to mitigate any risks. Major economic events change how we procure, and the costs associated, so give yourself all the information you need to continue to work effectively.

Before you begin to ponder the benefits of a CIPS qualification, you have to make sure your knowledge and training are on par with the organization's standard you are aiming for. There are no rules against you entering the procurement and supply chain professions from another field or simply starting from scratch on the career ladder. Everyone has to start somewhere, after all. However, it is usually expected by employers in the profession to see some applicable training on your CV, even for an entry-level or junior position.

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