7 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in Dubai

7 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in Dubai


Artificial Intelligence as a concept has been used in both classic and recent films, but they are mostly about the potential dangers of AI as opposed to its benefits. In the educational context, however, just like bringing everything in Jurassic Park to life would be a massive boon to Paleontology, mastering the numerous facets of AI would enable you to be at the forefront of the digital overhaul of the present civilization.

The root of AI is when machines can learn and make autonomous decisions just like humans. There are many types of artificial intelligence including machine learning, where instead of being programmed what to think, machines can observe, analyze and learn from data and mistakes just like our human brains can.

Today, AI is not only influencing consumer products but also facilitating breakthroughs in healthcare and physics as well as altered industries as diverse as manufacturing, finance, and retail.

Due to the tremendous amount of data we generate every day and the computing power available, Artificial Intelligence has exploded in recent years. We might still be years away from generalized AI (when a machine can do anything a human brain can do), but AI in its current form is still an essential part of our world. If you are in IT, gunning for any AI courses in Dubai that catch your fancy is a good career investment. If you are new to the field, there are numerous AI courses for beginners that can serve your purpose just as well.

If you are on the lookout for suitable institutes that offer AI courses in Dubai, 7 among the best are as follows:

1. Learners Point Academy

The Artificial Intelligence Foundation course in Dubai by Learners Point provides a broad overview of the foundational requirements, applications, and careers associated with AI. This AI training for beginners provides you with the required knowledge and fundamental skills to begin your journey and succeed in the AI era.

The pros:

(i) You can learn database concepts as well as programming fundamentals with Python language and AI statistics

(ii) You can acquire a better understanding of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks

(iii) You can gain in-depth knowledge of AI concepts and their applications

The cons:

(i) The instructors can come off as too professional, often dismissing queries outside of class hours

2. IntelliPaat

This Artificial Intelligence course in Dubai is an industry-designed course to master TensorFlow, Git, transfer learning in machine learning, neural networks, etc. with hands-on projects. If your goal is to get the best online Artificial Intelligence training from Artificial Intelligence certified experts to become a certified AI professional, this is your next stage.

The pros:

(i) Access to around 218 hrs worth of self-paced videos and 200 hrs of Project & Exercises

(ii) More than 50 live sessions across 7 months

The cons:

(i) Considering the time taken to teach this course, the time given for students to absorb the teachings is quite short

3. Ambéone Institute of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

The Artificial Intelligence course at Ambéone provides you with the comprehensive steps to becoming not only a successful AI Scientist but also a renowned Data Scientist. At the top of both AI courses for beginners and advanced users, this course is designed to facilitate familiarity with the concepts of formal logic, automata, and complexity theory.

The pros:

(i) Provides an excellent understanding of Statistics, Probability, Vectors, Matrices, and Calculus

(ii) Offers an understanding of Data Manipulation, Data Visualization, and Big Data Analytics

The cons:

(i) The tuition fees may seem a bit much.

4. InventaTeq

With a diligent set of mentors and complementary infrastructure to boot, the Artificial Intelligence course at InventaTeq sharpens your knowledge of the AI domain and adds more to your skillset, while at the same time opening up pathways when it comes to career.

The pros:

(i) They have a 100% placement program

(ii) The course duration is designed to match the time needed to absorb the teachings provided

The cons:

(i) The time taken for queries to be addressed is sometimes really long

5. Simplilearn

The Artificial Intelligence Course in Abu Dhabi, developed in partnership with IBM, is a leading-edge certification for professionals wanting to advance in the domain. The Artificial Intelligence Course in Abu Dhabi allows you to master fundamental concepts such as Data Science with Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP taught by leading experts via live online classes and masterclasses from industry experts.

The pros:

(i) Exclusive Hackathons and Live interaction with IBM leadership

(ii) Capstone and 15+ real-life AI projects

The cons:

(i) The students are viewed as a collective body for equality in treatment, but it only results in individual problems being overlooked

6. Strategic Axis

The Artificial Intelligence and Law course at Strategic Arts addresses the development of formal or computational models of legal knowledge, reasoning, and decision making. It not only includes in-depth studies of innovative artificial intelligence systems that are being used in the legal domain and gives space to studies addressing the legal, ethical and social implications of the use of artificial intelligence in law, but also welcomes interdisciplinary approaches including jurisprudence, logic, machine learning, cognitive psychology, linguistics, and philosophy.

The pros:

(i) You will learn about the legal issues raised in the context of AI

(ii) You will acquire an idea about the intellectual property issues and criminal liability that come with AI

The cons:

(i) There have been a few complaints about certain instructors being half-hearted about teaching

7. AZTech Training & Consultancy

The AI training for beginners offered at AZTech span five days is personalized for the needs of the participant. The courses are designed to develop participants’ insight into AI. You will not only learn how to build AI applications but the training module will also enable you to understand the theories and come up with solutions to real-world problems using a number of carefully chosen case studies.

The pros:

(i) You will learn the basics of AI & ML programs

(ii) You will get a grasp on the essentials of Natural Language Processing

The cons:

(i) Faculties can often be visibly impatient and some of them even have a “cut to the chase” approach

Our daily life itself is being altered by the influence of Artificial Intelligence. If someone from the 1950s traveled through time and arrived in 2021, they would marvel at how virtual digital assistants such as Alexa and Cortana respond to our queries. That we base our lives on this technology would baffle them. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is an integral part of our daily lives, and that is why you need to get a handle on the technology before you are left behind in the wave.

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