7 Cool Tips to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

7 Cool Tips to Start a Career in Digital Marketing


It's no surprise that digital marketing has become a popular career choice. The opportunity for professional growth and job prospects with exciting salary packages are just a few of the benefits. However, breaking into the industry requires more than just enrolling in a digital marketing course and earning relevant credentials. With that said, pursuing a career in digital marketing can bring a wealth of rewards for those who are willing to put in the effort.

This article aims at familiarizing you, the reader, with 7 other important steps that can help you establish a successful career in the digital marketing industry:

1. Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing 

For beginners, the first step towards mastering digital marketing is to learn the basic concepts. This can be achieved by enrolling in a reputable institution that offers digital marketing courses, which are available in both online and offline modes. Depending on your schedule, you can choose either mode to suit your needs.

These courses will help you learn and master important topics, such as;

  • ➤ Search Engine Marketing
  • ➤ Website Marketing
  • ➤ Content Marketing
  • ➤ Email Marketing
  • ➤ Social Media Marketing
  • ➤ Mobile Marketing
  • ➤ Video Marketing
  • ➤ Affiliate Marketing

2. Create Your Own Website 

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, it's important to apply and practice them practically by creating your own website. The digital marketing industry demands practical knowledge and expertise, not just theory. Companies seek candidates who can promote their websites by increasing organic traffic through SEO or boosting sales via PPC and social media advertising. Consistent practice is the key to achieving proficiency in these areas.

3. Choose One Digital Marketing Channel

As a beginner, you will have to figure out and choose a digital marketing channel you are most passionate about. Some of the common and most used digital marketing channels are:

  • ➤ Search Engine Optimization: SEO is used to optimize pages to rank high in search engines like Google.
  • ➤ Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is used to build a following on social media platforms and drive traffic from these platforms.
  • ➤ Email Marketing: This is used to market products or services via emails.
  • ➤ Video Marketing: This is a platform where marketing is carried out via YouTube, Vimeo, and other video channels.
  • ➤ Website Marketing: This is a term used to promote your website on the internet. 

4. Learn About the Free Digital Marketing Tools 

Paying for premium marketing tools can be difficult if you are starting out as a beginner. However, there is nothing to worry about as there are numerous free ones available on the internet. Some of these are:

  • ➤ Google Analytics
  • ➤ Google Search Console
  • ➤ Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT)
  • ➤ ConvertKit
  • ➤ Buffer

5. Learn How to Use These Digital Marketing Tools 

Being aware of digital marketing tools is not enough. It is also your responsibility to master their functions and mechanism. You can climb up the ladder only when you have achieved the required level of competency. In this case, as a digital marketer, you will be evaluated on the basis of your latest knowledge and practical expertise in the different digital marketing channels and tools. 

6. Gain Experience as a Digital Marketer

To become an experienced digital marketer, it is very important to hit the job boards. Working under the supervision of other professionals will build your expertise and help you realize your niche. Years of experience will also help you land good, high-salary jobs in the future. 

7. Stay Updated

Digital marketing is a constantly changing field owing to the rapid changes in technology happening on daily basis. Google employs hundreds of changes related to organic and paid searches per year. The Facebook algorithm is also constantly undergoing changes. 

Therefore, it becomes the duty of a digital marketer to stay updated and on par with this fast-changing industry.  

Due to its rising demands, starting a career in digital marketing can prove to be your best career choice. But human nature doesn't just settle for getting a job. It aspires and dreams to reach greater heights. Therefore, to have a progressive and successful career, you will need to keep in mind the 7 steps listed above. Following these can prove to be a game changer for your digital marketing career. 

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