7 Power Jobs for People with Negotiation Skills

7 Power Jobs for People with Negotiation Skills


Negotiation is an incredibly powerful skill that can open doors to a myriad of opportunities. As a collective term used for personal qualities, negotiation skills approves of one’s ability to be sharp and strong-willed. Possessing the skill validates your ability to think clearly and efficiently in high-pressure situations. This skill is globally recognised as one of the most coveted leadership skills and is highly sought after by recruiters.

Good negotiation skills are key to building effective business relations. They ensure the accomplishment of business goals thereby creating an environment of business. The solutions derived on the basis of a good negotiation are long-term which is made only when both parties are satisfied. In recent years, negotiation skills have become powerful tools that help in striking solutions and creating goodwill and value in the business world. And this trend has an impactful hand on the boom in negotiation skills training across the globe.

Thanks to the internet, building this coveted soft skill now has become even easier. As few jobs in the market seek this skill more than others, there is a growing demand for negotiation skills. Here in this article, we will discuss the most powerful job positions that are open to those who possess this gold skill. 

7 jobs that are best suited for people with negotiation skills

1. Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officers are the top executives responsible for running large companies and corporations. They ensure that the company’s vision and values are met by its employees. They perform various tasks that require negotiations at all levels be it in internal or external communications. Negotiation skills are necessary for CEOs to reach agreements on contracts with other organizations as well as negotiate with their managers and employees.

2. Lawyer

From representing clients in court to advising them on legal issues, lawyers perform tasks that involve negotiation. Negotiation plays a crucial role in handling client contracts and negotiating legal issues. They maintain all paperwork and other tasks involved in performing paralegal functions. Negotiation skills are useful for lawyers when representing clients in court.

3. Sales Representative

Sales representatives usually go from business to business to sell their organization’s goods. They attend industry conferences and trade shows where their negotiation skills are put to test to attract businesses. Negotiation skills are handy for sales representatives which they can build through sales techniques training and use for making a sale that is beneficial for both parties.

4. Purchasing Agent

Purchasing agents are professionals who are skilled in getting the best purchasing deals for their organization. In order to fetch good deals, they are required to have great negotiation skills that can help them accomplish their company’s purchasing needs. It is this skill along with in-depth knowledge of purchasing that these professionals can build through taking up any course in procurement. This will help them grow their businesses in the right direction.

5. Event Planner

Event Planners are responsible for planning out and conducting events. In their day-to-day duties, event planners perform many tasks from discussing client requirements to deciding on event venues. These skills can be easily built by taking up any event management course. Along with these skills, this job role seeks good communication skills as it involves a lot of communication for getting the best deals with clients, producers, vendors, and contractors.

6. HR Professionals

HR professionals are the heads of people management. Being in a position where communicating internally and externally with employees is highly sought after, negotiation, as well as communication skills, are necessary for HR jobs, especially for the role of HR managers. Their day-to-day tasks involve negotiations - be it from salary negotiations while recruiting to job retention negotiations, and hence negotiation skill is highly sought among these professionals.

7. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are responsible for helping their clients buy or sell real estate properties. They handle all aspects of property sales, including showing properties, giving purchasing advice and getting paperwork done. All these tasks performed by real estate agents require a high level of negotiation which makes negotiation skills highly sought for this job role. As the real estate industry is a growing sector, the reasons for learning and building the right skill set for this profession have become even more obvious.

The hold that negotiation skill has on today’s business world is untallied. As good negotiations are the root of great business deals, effective negotiators are the kings in the employment market.

With good negotiation skills comes the confidence to understand a total stranger at a deep, intuitive level and turn them out to be your prospective partner in business. It will boost your effectiveness in driving discussions that can bring conclusions which satisfy both parties.

Do you think you can have a better hand on any of these powerful jobs in the world? If you do, then explore proven tips and practices to build negotiation skills through negotiation skills training which is the most searched soft skills training on the internet.

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