7 Top HR Certification Courses in Dubai

7 Top HR Certification Courses in Dubai


Human resource management is an essential aspect of every organization. Companies rely heavily on human resource management to efficiently attract and retain personnel, grow and enhance the business, or maintain a healthy, acceptable workplace culture and environment.

The human resource certification courses demonstrate that one has gone above and beyond their degree to keep up with market trends. It demonstrates their dedication, abilities, and competencies in this domain. Hence, we recommend these top human resource certification courses to professionals who want to improve their abilities in this domain's most challenging areas:

1) Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)

The Certified Human Resource Professional - CHRP (UK Certification) is a globally-recognized certificate that helps professionals advance in their careers and improves their overall human resources proficiency. The CHRP certification course in Dubai helps professionals learn key HR skills and get a thorough grasp of HR activities in a variety of industries, including health and safety, business immigration, and UAE labour regulations. Our bespoke HR courses in Dubai familiarize professionals with the evolution of human resources and provide an understanding of the human resource management role and function within the key areas of resourcing, reward, development, and relations. Through this training, professionals can enhance their HR competency which is essential to meet the 21st-century needs of the corporate HR department across the globe.

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2) Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM)

The CPD Certification Service UK offers the CHRM certification, which is designed to identify HR professionals with a high degree of expertise in human resource management. The Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM) course is developed specifically for human resource practitioners or professionals at the middle/senior management level, who want to improve their human resource management abilities and perform HR activities effectively. Structured with a blend of case studies, practice, theory, etc in HR management to meet the demanding needs of skilled HR experts, this CHRM course prepares aspiring Human Resource professionals to attain the CHRM certification and elevate their professional value.

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Our CIPD courses in Dubai offer globally recognized qualifications for HR and L&D professionals. We offer all the CIPD courses. Start with the Level 3 Foundation Certificate for entry-level expertise or advance with the Foundation Diploma. Seasoned professionals can opt for Level 5 Associate Diplomas in People Management or Organisational Learning & Development. For senior HR professionals, our Level 7 Advanced Diplomas in Strategic Learning & Development or Strategic People Management are ideal for career enhancement in the HR domain. Gain practical skills, stand out to employers globally, and pave the way for a rewarding career in the people profession with our CIPD qualifications.

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4) Associate Professional in Human Resources- International (aPHRi)

The Associate Professional in Human Resources - International (aPHRi) is a globally-recognized, knowledge-based credential. The aPHRi course provides in-depth knowledge of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles. Our HR courses in Dubai offer detailed training and expertise in HR domains, preparing candidates to confidently appear for the aPHRi exam. This course is for professionals who have successfully proven their core understanding of human resources and are just starting their HR career. HRCI's Associate Professional in Human Resources - International (aPHRi) certification is ideal for advancing one's career and giving one the confidence to enter the HR field.

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5) Professional in Human Resources - International (PHRi)

The Professional in Human Resources - International (PHRi), previously known as Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP), is designed for HR professionals whose day-to-day responsibilities include HR operations like recruiting, compensation, benefits, and administration. Regardless of geographic area, the PHRi test focuses on the technical and operational components of HR practices. This PHRi course offers a deeper knowledge of HR policies, hiring protocols, company proceedings, and compliance. This course focuses on the technical and operational aspects of HR practices, regardless of geographic region. Professionals having expertise in program execution, human resources organizational structure, and HR practices can earn the PHRi certification from the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) which has worldwide recognition.

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6) Senior Professional in Human Resources- International (SPHRi)

The Senior Professional in Human Resources - International (SPHRi) credential is for senior-level HR professionals engaged in organizational planning and policy-making. This SPHRi course helps in one’s preparation for the SPHRi examination which measures their HR body of knowledge. The SPHRi certification focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of strategic and policy-making elements of HR management which is essential for planning strategies and policies for an organization without geographical constraints. It's extremely effective for HR professionals who want to develop rather than implement HR policies. This SPHRi training is listed among the best HR courses in Dubai that help professionals earn the SPHRi credential which is a gold standard for strategic and policy-making experts in HR management.

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The SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) credential can be considered by those who manage multiple HR responsibilities at work or those who want to pursue a career in human resource management. Strategic Human Resource Management, is the largest HR membership organization in the world and exclusively offers this vital certification. HR teams must collaborate with other departments within the firm. This credential helps HR professionals set goals and create strategies that support both their department's aims and the wider objectives of the business.

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All these human resource training courses are very popular among professionals as human resource management is a massive domain and encompasses important aspects, like recruitment, training and development, appraisals, job reviews, career planning and development, employee benefits, employee safety, and employee motivation, etc. Professionals getting certified with these above-mentioned Human Resource training courses make sure that a company's human resource aspects are fulfilled effectively and efficiently.



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