Are Cloud Computing Certifications Easy for Non-Coders?

Are Cloud Computing Certifications Easy for Non-Coders?


Cloud computing has become one of the most popular tools in computer science and the IT industry, and its upward trend has led companies to adopt some form of cloud computing technology. For instance, numerous companies worldwide heavily rely on the services of the AWS platform. This rising popularity has undoubtedly increased the demand for cloud computing certifications in Dubai, as everyone wants to establish a career in this domain. According to a recent survey by IDG, 92% of an organization's IT environments have a presence in the cloud. Therefore, many jobs are expected to flourish in the field of cloud computing in the coming years, making cloud computing certifications a valuable asset for professionals looking to advance their careers.

However, many beginners and non-coders are apprehensive about learning cloud computing and often ask if it's easy to learn. This article will, therefore, highlight the difficulties that beginners can face while learning cloud computing.

 What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing offers on-demand services for storage, networking, computation, security, messaging, and more. Numerous providers offer these services, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Are Cloud Computing Certifications Easy for Non-Coders?

Although there are career opportunities available for non-coders/beginners in the cloud computing field, they may find it slightly more challenging to learn compared to developers or administrators. This is because coding is a crucial part of cloud computing knowledge. However, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform offer many other services that do not require candidates to be proficient in coding. In such cases, candidates are expected to have a solid foundation in other skills, such as Networking Fundamentals, Basic Bash Fundamentals, and knowledge of at least one programming language.

If you want to establish a long-term position in the cloud computing field, it is recommended that you earn a globally recognized cloud computing certification. Enrolling in a cloud computing course in Dubai will help you learn and master the following:

1. Basics of Computer Science 

Computer science is a vast subject comprising numerous complex topics and concepts. To establish a strong foundation in cloud computing, it is essential to understand all the core concepts and topics in computer science, including the software and hardware components of a computer.

2. Learn to Code 

To work as a professional cloud architect or cloud developer, it is expected that you have mastery over at least one programming language. Not knowing how to code can pose an obstacle when providing solutions to clients. Therefore, learning a programming language is essential for any cloud computing aspirant who wants to design and develop customized solutions for client companies.

3. Learn All About Networking 

Every concept in cloud computing relies on interconnected networks. The AWS platform is able to function only because of the connection between data centers and server farms, which together form a single joint network. These networks facilitate the successful transfer of a large amount of data from one server to another.

4. Learn to Work with Linux 

The Linux Kernel is a highly sought-after software in the computer science and IT industries, including the field of cloud computing. It is used for operations in every data center or farm established by cloud computing. Understanding and mastering the fundamentals and functionality of Linux is possible by enrolling in a cloud computing course in Dubai.

5. Learn to Work on Cloud Computing Platform 

It is suggested that to have a successful career in cloud computing, it is important to be proficient in at least one cloud computing platform. The most widely used platform across the globe is Amazon Web Services (AWS), and therefore, it is recommended to learn and master its services. Other platforms that one can consider are Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure Services.

6. Learn to Handle Details

A cloud specialist is responsible for working with vast amounts of data consisting of numerous small and large details. They must keep track of everything, no matter how small, to ensure client satisfaction.

A career in cloud computing can be challenging but rewarding. The cloud computing course in Dubai is designed to make the learning process easier and more manageable for aspirants. By understanding the importance of cloud computing, mastering its concepts, and earning a highly-acclaimed cloud computing certificate, you can establish yourself in the world of cloud computing.

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