AWS vs Azure: Which Certification is Better for Cloud Computing

AWS vs Azure: Which Certification is Better for Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has become ubiquitous, touching every sphere of our lives from elementary schools to NASA. This technological boom has proven to be a blessing for many professionals and organizations, with cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform leading the way. This transformation is a revolutionary moment in the history of technology, and as the three pioneers continue to compete, a common confusion arises about which provider to choose. This is especially concerning for professionals looking to establish a prosperous career in the field of cloud computing.

While Azure and AWS are market leaders, the battle of Azure vs AWS rages on. Both have their own fair share of the market, and a superficial glance might suggest that Amazon Web Services has a distinct edge over Microsoft Azure. However, a closer look into their roots may reveal that the decision to place one above the other is not so simple. So, who is on top, and whose certification has the power to take you to great heights?

In this blog, we'll delve into the roots of Azure and AWS cloud certifications and the value they hold in the employment market.

Importance of Cloud Computing Certifications

Certifications are considered to be a professional badge of excellence in one's domain. According to the Global Knowledge Report 2019, 93% of employers view certified professionals as key value-adders to their organizations. In the cloud computing sector, certifications validate an individual's knowledge and experience working with cloud computing platforms. They have the power to attract better career opportunities. However, the question of which cloud computing certification is more valuable and can facilitate career growth in this sector remains unanswered. To find the answer to this question, let's delve deeper into the basics of AWS and Azure certifications. 

AWS Certifications

AWS cloud platform has been in the field for a while and has held the top position since its inception. Its global certification program, launched in 2013, is one of the most valued cloud computing certifications today. Starting with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect, the AWS cloud certification program has come a long way. Today, AWS offers 12 certification programs in four different categories: foundational, associate, professional, and specialty. Each category offers role-based certification programs that provide professionals with flexibility and the opportunity to choose the best-suited certification programs based on their professional or educational background. In Forbes' list of the 15 highest-paying certifications, AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certifications hold the top positions.

Azure Certifications

Although Azure has a smaller market share when compared to AWS, it has shown phenomenal market growth in recent years. It is rapidly catching up with AWS in terms of the number of customers worldwide. Like AWS, Microsoft Azure also offers role-based specialized certification programs that cater to the professional requirements of individuals at all levels of experience. The Microsoft Azure certification program offers 14 role-based certifications, of which Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals and Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate are the two certifications that have secured their positions on the Forbes list of top 15 highest-paying certifications.

AWS vs Azure: Which Cloud Computing Certification is better for you?

The answer to this question is variable and can vary from person to person based on various factors such as career goals, dream job, organizational requirements, desired salary package, and more. The comparison between AWS and Azure is an evergreen one as both cloud platform providers are established names in the cloud computing sector. As of now, AWS is considered bigger in terms of revenue, while Azure has a bigger user base. This makes it a complicated situation to state which cloud computing certification is better for a prosperous career. Although the benefits that can be reaped from both these cloud computing certifications are limitless, they have their own distinctive mark in the industry when it comes to salary, job scope, promotions, and more. The untold value of these certifications in the industry has resulted in the inception of a new concept of cross-certification. This concept allows professionals to get certified in working efficiently on both AWS and Microsoft Azure, opening up potential paths for better career growth. Cross-certification is the new trend in the industry that professionals can consider for better career prospects.

It is evident that cloud computing will become increasingly prevalent in the future. With the right certification to validate their skills and knowledge, cloud professionals can be assured of ample opportunities in the IT sector. In this regard, cloud computing certifications are the key to a prosperous career, whether it be AWS or Azure. While the position and value of Azure and AWS certifications may fluctuate in the upcoming years, their importance in the sector is likely to remain constant.

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