5 Benefits of Advanced Microsoft Office Training for Job Seekers

5 Benefits of Advanced Microsoft Office Training for Job Seekers


Microsoft Excel made its debut in the business world in 1988 and has since become a prominent platform utilized by organizations worldwide. Undoubtedly, the proficiency to use Microsoft Office software has emerged as a highly sought-after and essential skill that employers seek in potential candidates. This comes as no surprise considering the benefits that Microsoft Excel provides, such as managing email through Outlook, creating analysis spreadsheets on Excel, preparing effective presentations on PowerPoint and many more, which have considerably simplified computer-based tasks for every employee. 

It is imperative for job seekers to acquire a strong grasp of the diverse functionalities offered by Microsoft Office. Advanced Microsoft Office Training equips candidates with knowledge of critical shortcut functions and tools in Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, enhancing their proficiency in these applications. Mastery of these tools augments their portfolio and elevates their standing among a pool of job seekers.

The benefits of Microsoft Office are well-known, yet this article aims to provide a comprehensive list of advantages one can gain in the job market by attending Advanced Microsoft Office Training. The program offers a range of benefits to participants, including proficiency in critical shortcut functions and tools in Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a collection of desktop productivity applications that are accessible in 35 different languages and supported by a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and most Linux distributions. The software suite includes a range of applications that enable users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and emails, among other tasks.

The six main programs available in Microsoft Office are:

  • ➤ Word
  • ➤ Excel
  • ➤ PowerPoint
  • ➤ Access
  • ➤ Publisher
  • ➤ OneNote

Important Microsoft Office Skills 

Enrolling in Microsoft Office courses in Dubai can facilitate mastery of diverse aspects of the software suite. Such proficiency not only ensures career growth but also the possibility of securing high-paying jobs. The training programs on offer cover a range of important areas as part of their curriculum.

1. Microsoft Word

Some basic skills taught during Microsoft Office courses in Dubai to  demonstrate your competency in Microsoft Word are:

  • ➤ Page setup
  • ➤ Comparing and Merging Documents
  • ➤ Creating forms Using Fields and Advanced Tools
  • ➤ Creating and Using Templates
  • ➤ Create and Manage Comments
  • ➤ Sharing and Protecting Documents
  • ➤ Tracking Changes
  • ➤ Creating Labels
  • ➤ Formatting Tables
  • ➤ Formatting Documents
  • ➤ Checking Grammar and Spelling
  • ➤ Printing 

2. Microsoft Excel

With the advanced Microsoft Office training, you will be able to master these skills to prove your knowledge in Excel:

  • ➤ Creating Spreadsheets
  • ➤ Creating Tables
  • ➤ Data Analysis
  • ➤ Macros
  • ➤ Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • ➤ Formulae
  • ➤ Group Data
  • ➤ Functions
  • ➤ Data Validation
  • ➤ Conditional Formatting

3. Microsoft Outlook

Attending the advanced Microsoft Office training will make you proficient in some of the basic features of Outlook, such as: 

  • ➤ Auto Reply
  • ➤ Configuring Email Settings
  • ➤ Creating, Scheduling, and Delegating Tasks
  • ➤ Planning Meetings
  • ➤ Sharing and Configuring Calendars
  • ➤ Managing Junk Mail
  • ➤ Sending Attachments

4. Microsoft PowerPoint

The advanced Microsoft Office training will help you learn and understand the basic function in PowerPoint, such as:

  • ➤ Creating Presentations
  • ➤ Creating and Formatting Templates
  • ➤ Creating Interactive Slideshows
  • ➤ Inserting Hyperlinks
  • ➤ Inserting and Formatting Media
  • ➤ Linking and Embedding Video
  • ➤ Using Advanced Timeline
  • ➤ Broadcasting and Sharing a Slideshow
  • ➤ Work with Slide Masters

5. Microsoft Access

The advanced Microsoft Office training builds and helps you demonstrate your expertise in Microsoft Access by:

  • ➤ Creating and Designing Databases
  • ➤ Calculating Controls
  • ➤ Data Sorting and Filtering
  • ➤ Creating Advanced Queries
  • ➤ Establishing Relationships and Joining Lines Between Tables
  • ➤ Using Vba and Sql Within Access
  • ➤ Using Other Office Applications with Access

Why Advanced Microsoft Office Training is Important for a Succesful Career?

1. Applicable to Any Job

In contemporary organizations, Microsoft Office has emerged as a pivotal software suite, facilitating diverse functions across industries. Its easy accessibility, interactivity, and adaptability across various operating systems have led to widespread adoption. Advanced Microsoft Office training stands out from other courses due to its ability to provide candidates with a competitive edge in any industry they choose to pursue. Its significance in all sectors renders Microsoft Office proficiency as one of the most coveted skills among employers.

2. Increases Your Earning Potential

As evidenced by the aforementioned points, proficiency in Microsoft Office is a fundamental skill set for all employees. This importance is also reflected in the remuneration that professionals can potentially earn. Studies show that mastery of MS Office skills can result in up to a four-fold increase in earnings over the course of a career. In addition, in today's highly competitive job market, possessing such skills provides a significant advantage over peers and coutnerparts who lack such proficiency.

3. Proves Your Adaptability 

Since its inception, Microsoft Office has undergone various updates and introductions of new services. Presently, the suite comprises of several essential applications, such as OneNote, Publisher, Access, and Teams. Staying abreast of the latest features and updates within the suite is imperative in validating one's expertise. Attendance at Microsoft Office courses in Dubai and earning a Microsoft Office certification is a testament to one's proficiency with the latest technology.

4. Promised Security 

The advancement of technology has two sides - one that offers immense benefits and the other that poses threats of cyberattacks. In this regard, Microsoft Office stands out as a dependable solution for secure data storage and management. The suite ensures the protection of all sensitive data and information stored in the cloud, by housing them in one of Microsoft's data centers. Subsequently, the data is scanned for potential cyber threats to ensure the highest level of security.

5. Enhances Productivity 

Effective use of Microsoft Office skills can significantly enhance an individual's productivity in the workplace. However, mastering these skills requires attending an advanced Microsoft Office course in Dubai. With Microsoft Office, you can perform a multitude of tasks, including creating graphs in Excel, producing professional reports with Word or Publisher, delivering presentations with PowerPoint, and much more. 

These proficiencies are vital in every industry, and learning Microsoft Office skills is an investment that never goes waste. The advanced Microsoft Office course in Dubai offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the suite's advanced features and functions. Completing the course and earning the certificate opens doors to promising career opportunities with attractive salaries.

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