6 Career Paths After Completing the SAP Course in Dubai

6 Career Paths After Completing the SAP Course in Dubai


Founded in June 1972, Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP) initially focused solely on big businesses. However, over time, the SAP module underwent numerous changes, and its use expanded to different sectors and areas. As a result, startups and smaller companies also began adopting SAP to achieve their organizational goals and succeed in the industry. Today, candidates have ample options and opportunities to explore in the field of SAP.

However, adopting and implementing SAP is a complex and intricate task that requires full knowledge and insight into the subject matter. Demonstrating expertise and professionalism in the nooks and crannies of the subject requires extensive training and preparation. This can only be achieved by taking up a fitting SAP course from a renowned institution in Dubai, such as Learners Point Academy. Acquiring relevant credentials in the field can bring you one step closer to a successful and prosperous career.

In addition to traditional offline courses, you can also avail yourself of SAP course online training and learn from the comfort of your home or while pursuing your profession. With the flexibility of online training, you can fit your study schedule around your existing commitments, making it a convenient option for busy professionals looking to upskill.

In conclusion, a career in SAP can offer significant opportunities for growth and development, but it requires extensive knowledge and training. Taking up a reputable SAP course from a renowned institution can equip you with the skills and credentials necessary to succeed in the industry.

In this article, we will unravel some of the most enticing and thriving careers that an SAP-certified professional can look for. 

Why is SAP Important?

SAP has become a necessity for companies worldwide, with the software streamlining and optimizing business operations. Its integration with numerous modules makes it a comprehensive and multifunctional platform for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, the centralization of data makes it easier for departments to communicate and collaborate, making business processes more efficient and effective.

SAP can be classified into Decentralized Systems and Cnetralized Systems based on the manner in which the communication and data are exchanged.

  • ➤ Decentralized Systems 

Under the decentralized system, the data is managed locally in different departments. This makes it difficult for the department to access all the data in real-time at other departments. This projects one of the major drawbacks of decentralized systems. 

  • ➤ Centralized Systems 

In order to overcome these drawbacks, a centralized system was developed. As a part of this system, the central location of the data is shared with all the departments and can be easily accessed at any given time. 

Career Prospects after Completing the SAP Course in Dubai

1. SAP Consultant 

Successful completion of the SAP course opens the option of becoming an SAP consultant. The roles and responsibilities of an SAP consultant include successfully developing and implementing SAP systems for their clients. They focus on the need of the clients in order to come up with efficient SAP solutions. 


  • ➤ They look after the business need of the clients based on which they provide their consultation, analysis, and observations.
  • ➤ They develop and customize SAP solutions to ensure smooth system integration.
  • ➤ They access and recommend improvements to IT infrastructures.
  • ➤ SAP consultants write scripts and programs in order to create user-friendly interfaces.
  • ➤ They take part in analyzing and providing solutions in order to improve and optimize performance.

2. Sales Manager 

The role of a sales manager revolves around leading and organizing sales while also looking after the needs of sales employees. Their main responsibility is to take part in the operative and strategic planning in accordance with the goals of the organization. Participating in the SAP course online training is the best way of mastering all the important responsibilities of a Sales Manager.


  • ➤ They plan and execute sales activities.
  • ➤ They maintain affable customer relationships and customer support.
  • ➤ They are responsible for the strategic and operational planning of sales goals.
  • ➤ The sales manager keeps in touch with the market trends and analyzes the actions of their competitors.
  • ➤ They look into profitable methods to ensure marketing measures and sales promotions.

3. SAP Developer

SAP Developers play a crucial role in creating and maintaining all the important programs run by the SAP system. They ensure that the SAP programs are properly integrated with other applications to certify the smooth functioning of business purposes. 


  • ➤ They design and develop the technical standards.
  • ➤ SAP developers are responsible to analyse the business processes and requirements.
  • ➤ They play a major role in management tasks such as designing documents, code reviews, etc.
  • ➤ SAP developers are needed to provide well-organized operating controls that will the development requirements are successfully looked after.

4. SAP Basis Consultant 

Attending the SAP course online training also makes you eligible to apply for the SAP Basis Consultant position. The SAP Basis Consultants are hired to provide technical support to establish promising standards and requirements. 


  • ➤ They perform the service of successfully implementing, optimizing, and maintaining SAP systems.
  • ➤ SAP Basis Consultants look after the client administration and monitor the work processes, logs, users, short dumps, traces, disk space, and resource utilization.
  • ➤ SAP Basis Consultants perform crucial security activities like identification, analysis, design, system configuration, testing, and deployment.

5. SAP Hana Architect

The role of an SAP Hana Architect is critical in ensuring the success of SAP implementations in businesses. These professionals are responsible for designing, implementing, and overseeing SAP technology solutions, making them an integral part of the business's operations. To acquire the necessary skills and knowledge required for this role, it is recommended to enroll in a comprehensive SAP course offered by reputable institutions.


  • ➤ SAP Architects evaluate business requirements to come up with solutions that provide an integrated approach to the SAP customers.
  • ➤ They look after the successful deployment of SAP solutions such as SAP CRM and SAP SRM.
  • ➤ SAP Hana Architects assist the organization to  migrate their old systems to the new system with the help of the HANA in-memory database.

6. SAP ABAP Developer

The role of an SAP ABAP Developer is crucial in the development and implementation of SAP modules to meet the specific needs of customers using the ABAP language. To establish a career as an SAP ABAP Developer, it is highly recommended to undergo comprehensive SAP training. This training will provide in-depth knowledge of the SAP ABAP programming language, as well as practical experience to prepare individuals to succeed in this field.


  • ➤ They ensure the availability of resources to successfully complete the client’s project.
  • ➤ They collaborate with employees from different departments to develop SAP solutions.
  • ➤ SAP ABAP Developers look into usability tests before releasing an update.
  • ➤ Their main role is to develop codes for client’s application modules in the ABAP language.

To make an informed decision, one must thoroughly research the various modules available for the SAP certification and their respective career prospects. The demand for SAP professionals is constantly increasing, and it is essential to choose a course that offers comprehensive training and practical knowledge to stay ahead in the competitive job market. Taking the time to select the right SAP course can lead to a fulfilling and lucrative career.

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