Discovering the Timeline of AWS Training in Dubai

Discovering the Timeline of AWS Training in Dubai


The growing popularity of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is undeniable, as it has become the go-to platform for cloud computing, with a staggering 33.8% market share. As a result, AWS certification has become a highly sought-after skill in the professional world, making AWS-certified individuals attractive candidates to companies worldwide. Obtaining an AWS certification offers numerous benefits, including high-paying jobs and recognition of one's active and robust skills in the field. This credential serves as proof of your expertise and can help you stand out from non-certified applicants when applying for a job. 

Enrolling in an AWS course in Dubai and obtaining the right certification can establish you as an industry expert. Some candidates may feel intimidated by the time commitment required to complete AWS training and certification, but rest assured that AWS certifications can be earned in just a few months.

This article will take you on a ride of all the most-demanded AWS certifications and the time it takes to earn these credentials. 

Top Job Roles After Earning the AWS Certification

1. AWS Cloud Architect

These professionals are responsible for planning, designing, and scaling AWS cloud implementations by making sure that the latest technologies are being adopted. 

2. Cloud Developer

These professionals are given the responsibility to take care of the development of software applications and solutions.

3. SysOps Administrator

SysOps Administrators deploy, operate, and manage systems on the AWS platforms. These professionals are known for their expertise in managing and deploying production operations in the AWS cloud.

4. Cloud Network Specialist

They are given the task of designing, building, and maintaining cloud-native and hybrid networking infrastructures. They do this by integrating the available networks with AWS cloud resources. 

Skills Required to Get an AWS Job

The top skills that you will be able to master through AWS training and certification are: 

  • ➤ Java, Python, C#
  • ➤ Cloud Technology   
  • ➤ Data Storage
  • ➤ Networking  
  • ➤ Operation Systems
  • ➤ Security    

How Long Does It Take to Earn the AWS Certifications 

With the rising emphasis on cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications have become increasingly valuable in the IT sector. However, the time it takes to achieve these certifications depends on the candidate's experience and the degree of certification. Here are a few AWS certifications and their normal completion time frames to give readers a better idea of how long it takes to get them.

1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is designed for those who want to gain proficiency in cloud computing basics. The course is structured across three levels - foundational, associate, and professional, covering the fundamentals of cloud computing, setting up an AWS account, AWS management console, S3 Services, and more.

The practitioner level of this course can be completed within 1-2 months.

2. AWS Certified Developer

This advanced-level certification course is most suited for software developers who want to learn how to build cloud-based applications on the AWS platform. With the help of the AWS Certified Developer course, participants will learn about AWS SDK, Access Management, and Integrate AWS applications.

This certification can be earned within 2-3 months. 

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

In the AWS Solutions Architect course, candidates will learn about using computing, networking, storage, and database AWS services as well as AWS deployment and management services.

This is an associate-level course that can be completed within 2-3 months.

4. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator course is designed for professionals who are responsible for deploying, operating, and managing systems on the AWS platform. This certification course covers topics such as system monitoring, deployment, and management, along with security and compliance.

With proper dedication and effort, one can earn this certificate in as little as 21 days, provided they do not have any other prior engagements.

5. AWS Certified Security

The AWS Certified Security course provides training in security controls for workloads on AWS, logging and monitoring strategies, cloud security threat models, patch management, and security automation. It also covers ways to enhance AWS security services with third-party tools and services, as well as disaster recovery.

For beginners in the field, completing this certification course usually takes 3-6 months.

6. AWS Operations 

In this course, candidates are introduced to technological concepts such as creating automatable and repeatable deployments of applications, networks, and systems on the AWS platform. You will also learn about important concepts dealing with AWS instance and permissions management, security management, troubleshooting, EC2 configuration, and more.

This advanced-level certification course can be completed within 3-4 months, making it an ideal choice for those looking to advance their skills in AWS quickly.

The AWS course in Dubai provides candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in an AWS job. It covers all the important concepts and topics related to AWS, which are essential for earning an AWS certification. The duration of the course may vary depending on the individual's pace and level of understanding. Choosing a reputable institute, receiving proper guidance, and participating in mock examinations can help you acquire these certifications quickly.

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