An Eye-Opening Guide to Earn the PMP Certification

An Eye-Opening Guide to Earn the PMP Certification


Establishing one’s place high on the career ladder is not easy and requires years of hard work and dedication. Every job role demands a specific credential that validates the candidates' knowledge and expertise of the subject matter. The PMP certification is one such credential for Project Managers. It is the top-ranked qualification in the field of project management.

Project Managers are definitely an important and integral part of any organization. They play the important role of designing and laying the foundation for business. This is done by carefully planning the project workflows and ensuring that it is executed efficiently.

The high demands of a job role also ensure that the candidate with the right credential is bestowed with numerous other benefits as well. Joining the right PMP course in Dubai is definitely the right start to establishing a successful career as a Project Manager and availing all the benefits that come along with it. 

This growing demand for Project Managers is validated by a report by PMI-commissioned talent gap analysis by Anderson Economic Group. This report stated that the project management subdivision is expected to grow by 33% which will create close to 22 million new jobs by 2027.

With every major examination, tags along the fear and anxiety of failure. However, everything becomes easier and within reach when you receive the right guidance, such as attending the PMP course in Dubai. Taking a cue from certified PMP professionals and other experts in the field, we have listed down 5 easy steps that can help you earn your PMP certification. But, before getting into that, let us first glance into the definition, of important topics, and benefits of earning the Project Management Professional credential.

What is a PMP Certification?

The PMP certification is a recognized credential that employers look for in order to determine whether the candidate has the specialized knowledge and skills to become a project manager.

Earning the PMP certification can help you land a job in various sectors, such as health, construction, information technology (IT), and business. 

The Important Topics Covered in the PMP Exam

To successfully earn the PMP certification, you should have complete hold on all the important concepts and topics. The PMP exam focuses on five important areas. These are: 

  • ➤ Initiating:  This is the initial phase of project management. In this, project managers will be expected to manage projects on the basis of available information, meetings with stakeholders, etc. This participle area examines the candidates’ analytical skills, benefit analysis techniques, and strategic management.
  • ➤ Planning: The next step involves examining the project requirements and designing a scope management plan in order to define the contents of the project. This stage familiarizes the professionals with the schedule, human resources, communications, and quality management plan.
  • ➤ Executing: In this stage, project managers will be analyzed on how they use the appropriate tools and techniques to start and complete a project while meeting all the quality standards.
  • ➤ Monitoring and Controlling: At this stage, project managers will monitor the performance of the project and figure out areas that need changes. This stage helps in coming up with ideas for quality improvement. 
  • ➤ Closing: The final stage involves getting approval from the stakeholders. This stage also includes receiving relevant feedback to evaluate and improve stakeholder satisfaction.


Benefits of Earning the PMP Certification


1. Career Growth

Any individual, whether it be a beginner or an experienced professional, looks for a job role that promises career growth opportunities. The same is achieved by earning the PMP certification. This is an internationally accredited credential that is recognized and accepted by the global business community. 

Moreover, with the help of this certificate, you will also be able to connect to other aspiring or experienced Project Managers. 

2. Lucrative Salaries 

There is no doubt in the fact that PMP-certified professionals earn much more than non-certified candidates. The PMI salary survey registered that earning the PMP certification provides a significant advantage when it comes to earning potential. This is strongly supported by numerous surveys that stated that certified project managers earn 20% more than non-certified individuals.

3. Enhances Skill

Registering for the PMP course in Dubai will help you to master all the skills necessary to become a successful project manager. These courses offer rigorous training that educates the candidate on the five project management processes—planning, initiating, implementing, monitoring, and controlling. Mastering these will make you capable of demonstrating better project execution.

4. Polishes Risk Management and Problem-Solving Skills 

The right training program also makes sure to nurture and polish your risk management skills. This will help you to identify and assess the probable risks and implement strategies to mitigate and resolve them. You will also receive training on problem-solving skills, which comes in handy while demonstrating imaginative solutions, and innovative approaches to ensure the success of a particular project. 

5. Expand Your Marketability 

The PMP certification is a globally recognized credential. Therefore, earning this will opens doors to opportunities in different parts of the world. It boosts your professional marketability and validates your experience in the field, thus placing you as an experienced, reputed, and respected project manager in the industry.

6. Greater Responsibility 

A certified PMP professional is eligible to work beyond their principal job role and responsibilities. Now that your skills and knowledge on the subject matter are approved and sealed, you will be given opportunities to work on large projects with other professional project managers. Such responsibilities will build your experience in the early identification of any problem or obstacle in the project.

7. Upgrades Leadership Skills and Team Work

It is the primary responsibility of every Project Manager to instil teamwork among the employees. These professionals are responsible for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of every member. Motivating the team member to work on their weakness is the most important way to accomplish and complete a project successfully. 

5 Easy Steps to Earn the PMP Certification

Attending the PMP course in Dubai can offer much greater benefits than one could have expected. Learning under the umbrella of industry expert trainers is definitely going to bear fruitful results. But to complete the circle, one also has to pay equal importance to self-study and self-assessment. Following are the ways in which you can receive collective benefits from both PMP classes and self-study to earn the esteemed PMP certification: 

1. Prepare a Study Plan

Discipline is a very important part of life. Therefore, designing a plan in consideration of your daily schedule is crucial to earning the PMP certification. Make sure to add time slots for reading PMBoK, practising mock tests, studying additional materials, and revision. It is advised not to burden yourself with huge chunks of syllabus at a time. However, maintain that whatever you read is learned with utmost concentration.  

2. Master the PMBOK® Guide

The PMP exam is based on the PMBOK® guide. Mastering all the contents of this guide becomes essential to earn the PMP certification. One should not mistake learning for memorizing. The latter will do great harm when you appear for the exam. This is because the PMP exam tests the candidate’s ability to apply the concepts, principles, and ideas, from the guide in real-world situations. Most questions in the PMP exam are situational descriptions of a problem. Understanding all the intricacies of the question, you will be expected to arrive at the best solution. 

Make sure that you are updated on the current project management concepts and changes that have been made since the previous version.

3. Buy a Good  PMP® Prep Book

A good PMP prep book is a must-have to get the best results. Preparing for the PMP exam can appear to be a hazardous and time-consuming job. However, the right PMP prep book can make the task 180 degree easier. There is no denying the fact that preparing for the PMP exam requires a great deal of time and commitment. But isn't it a great relief if it becomes less taxing and stressful?

Getting your hands on the PMP prep books written by Rita Mulcahy and Andy Crowe, two of the best-known authors to PMP aspirants, will help you familiarize and master all the topics that the PMP exam is structured upon. 

4. Participate in Study Groups

Attending the PMP course in Dubai is the best way to study in a group. Group studies can help a great deal in getting rid of doubts and confusion through the medium of discussions. Sharing your knowledge and receiving the same from the other end is the most effective way of remembering things.

5. Participate in Mock Tests

Participating in mock exams helps in eliminating the fear of sitting for the actual PMP exam. Mock exams are designed to familiarize the candidate with question paper patterns and the correct ways of answering the questions. With the help of these practice exams, the candidate will come out fully prepared and confident to sit for the actual exam.

It has been established, thus, that the benefits of the PMP certification are in abundance. However, like any other certification exam, clearing the PMP exam and earning the certification is not a cakewalk. Therefore, the PMP certification course in Dubai makes sure to provide the candidate with all the necessary guidance and resources that will help them establish themself as a successful project manager. 



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