How Can I Get Admission to CMA while in Dubai?

How Can I Get Admission to CMA while in Dubai?


The CMA or Certified Management Accountant certification comes with a basic set of eligibility criteria, which one needs to fulfil before taking admission to CMA. Professionals want to pursue the CMA course from Dubai as it gives good career opportunities along with global recognition in the areas of financial planning, analysis, and management decision-making. Therefore, here are the various aspects one might need to know before taking admission to CMA in Dubai.

Basic Requirements

To take the test, CMA candidates must join the IMA to become a member and they have three years to pass the CMA test. Also, they must have two years of continuous work experience in areas connected to accounting, auditing, financial analysis, or budgeting. The exam costs AED 1,449.65 per part, plus an AED 880.8 admission fee.

Candidates have seven years after passing the CMA test to demonstrate their financial management expertise. Part-time job experience is also accepted, however they must work at least 20 hours per week to be deemed part-time. Here, candidates should keep in mind that completing the program on a part-time basis will take them roughly four years.

The Examination

The CMA exam is divided into two sections. There are 100 multiple choice questions and an essay part in each section of the exam. Candidates consider taking CMA classes in Dubai to prepare for the CMA exam. The cost of a CMA course ranges from AED 3,750 to AED 8,000. Candidates can take the CMA exam in a prometric exam test facility. Financial reporting, planning, budgeting, and cash management are all covered in part one of the CMA exams.

The second part of the CMA exam assesses the understanding of financial statement analysis, risk management, and investment decisions. After registering, candidates must pass both portions of the CMA exam within three years. They will obtain their certification once they have passed their test and completed the qualifying requirements. However, they will need to complete 30 hours of continuing education credits each year to keep their certification valid.

Job Opportunities

CMAs often occupy internal corporate decision-making responsibilities in top-level management, where they decide whether to manufacture a product or outsource it. Hence, candidates after passing the test, are able to fill critical jobs roles such as cost accountants, corporate accountants, management accountants, risk managers, FP&A managers, budgeters, financial strategists, etc.

But while searching for jobs, they should consider the exam topics they enjoyed the most when earning their CMA certification. This will assist them in making an informed decision while applying for various jobs. The salary for CMA jobs in Dubai varies based on the position candidates are applying for.

CMA has become the global gold standard for assessing an individual's knowledge and skills in management accounting. CMA experts play an important role in every organization's financial sector, contributing to its growth. Hence, the CMA program is quite popular among professionals as it helps them to develop their abilities in strategic financial management, opening the door to a variety of employment prospects.



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