How Important is CIPS Certification for Procurement Professionals?

How Important is CIPS Certification for Procurement Professionals?


The CIPS certification is the gold standard in the procurement sector. Issued by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, which is the largest procurement professional body in the world, CIPS qualification is held in high esteem by employers across the globe. It demonstrates a professional’s proficiency in procurement and supply and his or her interest in building a better procurement community.

The value of CIPS certification is unmatched in the field of procurement. Due to this, it is the dream of every aspiring procurement professional to acquire this qualification. Besides, it gives professionals a direct entry to some of the best jobs in the world. In this article, we will discuss all the aspects regarding the CIPS certification and how important it is for procurement professionals.

CIPS certification is the top qualification available to procurement professionals and is highly valued by the vast majority of international recruiters and employers in the procurement and supply chain business. Let us see how important the certification is to aspiring procurement professionals?

What is a CIPS Certification?

CIPS certification is the highest standard of qualification created and accredited by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. CIPS certification is recognized by all regulatory authorities across the globe. With over 200,000 procurement professionals and members in over 150 countries, the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply is the largest professional procurement body.

CIPS has been functioning with the sole aim of enhancing the standards of operation in the international supply chain and procurement sector. To attain the CIPS certification, one needs to clear the exam where an individual’s proficiency in procurement concepts and practices is put to test.

To help professionals clear the exam, there are CIPS training courses offered by CIPS-accredited training centres.

Types of CIPS Certifications

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) certification is a global standard that identifies the competence level of procurement professionals. The CIPS certification consists of 5 levels, each aimed at professionals with a particular level of experience.

From CIPS level 2 Certificate in Procurement and Supply — it is aimed at beginners who are looking to embark on a career in the procurement sector — to CIPS level 6: Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply — meant for professionals who are at senior procurement roles — CIPS offers dedicated certification programs for all categories of experience holders. Following are the 5 CIPS levels:

1. CIPS level 2: Certificate in Procurement and Supply

The CIPS level 2 program is an entry-level certification that is ideal for those aiming to launch a career in procurement. This level discusses the fundamentals and key processes in procurement and supply and helps individuals build professional knowledge and competence.

2. CIPS level 3: Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply

The CIPS level 3 certificate is the second rung which helps professionals specialize in procurement and supply and prepares them for CIPS level 4. Level 3 deals with demand management, arranging supply logistics and implementing new contracts.

3. CIPS level 4: Diploma in Procurement and Supply

The CIPS level 4 certification enhances a professional’s procurement skills necessary for strategic positions. It trains professionals to build their knowledge on core principles, concepts and practical applications for procuring goods or services in a professional capacity.

4. CIPS level 5: Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply

The CIPS level 5 is an advanced level qualification that helps professionals advance into senior management roles. It trains professionals to understand, analyze and apply management and organizational approaches to manage procurement and supply related functions.

5. CIPS level 6: Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply

The CIPS level 6 is the highest level of certification that improves a professional’s strategic knowledge of procurement and supply and leadership skills to advance into senior management roles. It boosts an individual’s level of proficiency in change management, stakeholder management and team leadership.

Why are CIPS Certifications Important?

CIPS certifications are the gold standard for procurement and supply professionals. Recognized globally, CIPS certifications are highly valued by organizations in the procurement business and professionals at all levels of experience. 

What makes it even more appealing is that there is no restriction if someone wants to start his or her career in procurement through the CIPS level 2 certification. The CIPS provides all kinds of professional guidance to help individuals climb their career ladder in the procurement sector. This makes CIPS a highly regarded qualification and the first and foremost reason why anyone wanting to enhance his or her professional profile in the procurement industry should consider getting CIPS certifications.

As a regulatory body that promotes and protects high standards in the procurement sector, CIPS certifications are widely recognized and sought after by employers. To help professionals attain this badge, CIPS has authorized training centres which fulfil its criteria and provide CIPS training to aspiring professionals.

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