7 HR Certification Courses for Beginners to Kickstart Career

7 HR Certification Courses for Beginners to Kickstart Career


Human Resources is responsible for managing employees, developing and executing workplace policies, and ensuring compliance with labour regulations in every firm. As a result, human resource professionals are in high demand, and it may be a rewarding career choice. However, getting into the industry can be difficult and requires a combination of education, experience, and training. Enrolling in top-notch HR certification courses for beginners is one of the most effective ways to acquire the knowledge and abilities required for a successful HR profession. Such courses can cover a variety of topics, including labour law, recruitment and selection, performance management, employee relations, and compensation and benefits. By undertaking HR training, individuals can enhance their employability, gain the necessary expertise to succeed in the field and advance their careers.

The following article will look at seven HR courses for beginners that will help you get started in your career.

1. Associate Professional in Human Resources - International (aPHRi)

Individuals new to the HR field should consider obtaining the Associate Professional in Human Resources - International (aPHRi) credential. This certification is designed to provide a complete understanding of the essential ideas and practises of human resource management, such as talent acquisition, general incentives, employee relations, and compliance. The aPHRi accreditation is recognised globally and can assist individuals in demonstrating their commitment to the HR industry to potential employers. This aPHRi certification can also be utilised as a stepping stone for professionals who want to expand their HR qualifications in the future.

2. UAE Labour Law Training

If you want to work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you must first grasp the UAE labour law. The UAE Labour Law controls the relationship between employers and employees in the UAE, outlining the legal requirements for wages, working hours, leaves, termination, and other areas of employment. The UAE Labour Law training course gives an overview of UAE Labour Law and assists participants in understanding their rights and obligations as employees or employers. This course is incredibly beneficial for people who are new to the UAE and wish to work there.

3. Managing Workplace Harassment

The Managing Workplace Harassment training course is a must-have programme for HR professionals wishing to address a critical workplace problem: harassment. Workplace harassment may have a significant negative impact on employees' morale, productivity, and mental health, thus it is vital for HR professionals to recognise and handle it as soon as possible. This course covers what defines workplace harassment, how to avoid it, and how to deal with it when it occurs. HR professionals may use this training to foster a healthy company culture while also fostering a safe and respectful work environment and ensuring regulatory compliance.

4. Mastering in Taking the Job Interview

Conducting job interviews is a crucial skill for any HR professional. A well-handled interview can help businesses find and choose the best candidate for the job, but a poorly conducted interview can lead to costly hiring mistakes. This interviewer training course provides HR professionals with in-depth knowledge of the interview process. Participants will learn how to prepare for interviews, how to ask successful interview questions, how to analyse candidate responses, and how to make solid recruiting decisions. HR professionals will learn the confidence and abilities needed to conduct successful job interviews that result in the employment of top talent by taking this course. This course is a good investment for HR professionals wishing to improve their interviewing skills and ability to choose the best candidates for their organization's needs.

5. Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS ) are software programmes that help businesses handle various HR functions such as personnel information, benefits, payroll, and performance management. As the use of HRIS grows in popularity, companies are looking for HR experts that are knowledgeable about these systems. This HRIS course educates participants about the inner workings of HRIS, how to choose the best system for their organisation, and how to implement and maintain it. This course can help HR professionals increase their competencies and marketability by increasing their understanding of HRIS.

6. Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)

The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) credential is a well-respected and widely recognised credential that demonstrates an individual's expertise in all aspects of human resources. This certification is ideal for mid-level HR professionals who want to develop their careers and take on more senior positions. The programme includes a variety of critical HR issues, including company management, human resource planning and staffing, human resource development and training, and labour relations. The CHRP certification can help individuals improve their skills and expertise while demonstrating their dedication to the HR field to potential employers.

7. Performance Management Training

Organisational performance management is a critical component of good people management. Participants in the Performance Management course get the skills and knowledge needed to set goals, provide feedback, and monitor employee performance. The course covers the complete performance management cycle, from goal setting to performance monitoring, evaluation, feedback, and coaching personnel. The training programme teaches participants how to build performance plans, conduct performance reviews, and provide constructive feedback to staff in order to assist them accomplish their goals. Effective communication and teamwork are emphasised as critical components of successful performance management. By emphasising the importance of these skills, the programme seeks to provide participants with the tools they need to promote effective performance management in their organisations.

Wrap Up

Having the requisite knowledge and abilities for a successful career in human resources is critical in today's increasingly competitive job market. HR professionals play an essential role in firms, from employee management to policy creation and labour law compliance. Individuals who attend these specially designed HR certification courses for beginners can improve their employability, learn the necessary skills to thrive in the industry, and enhance their careers. This is especially true in Dubai, a thriving business hub where HR specialists are in high demand. Enrolling in any of the aforementioned HR courses for beginners is an excellent way to learn about the country's specific labour laws and regulations, which differ from those found in other parts of the world. As a result, investing in HR courses is a great option for anyone wishing to start or enhance their HR profession.

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