Top 5 Trends in HR Training to Watch in 2023

Top 5 Trends in HR Training to Watch in 2023


In a world constantly evolving, it has become an essential element for companies and organizations to keep up with the latest trends in industries to survive and thrive in the market. And for being one of the biggest economies in the UAE and the entire globe, Dubai is also required to fall in pace with vigorous growth in employment rates.

As a result, companies here are progressively seeking to build a more solid human resource department to steadily maintain worker experience and performance. Being charged with the management of the entire workforce, the HR department is held accountable within a company for constantly keeping themselves updated with the rapid new changes in the traditional operating processes for not only the well-being of the employees but also for the stable growth of the company.

It has become extremely crucial for aspirants to choose a proper HR management training course that is well-updated with the latest trends and affairs in the industries, to land a secure job with a high salary as well as to use the acquired knowledge and skills to grow in the field.

Below listed are some of the most recent trends in HR training in Dubai that can be beneficial to have if seeking HR jobs:

1. Virtual Working

When the world was hit by the pandemic in the year 2020, business models started struggling to survive as governments from all over the world were calling in for national lockdowns. Employees were unable to leave their houses and go to their workspace, resulting in a rapid decline in the overall performance of the company. Corresponding to this, many companies started looking for a way around this problem. This brought about the concept of virtual working or ‘work from home’ (WFH) under the spotlight.

Virtual working started as a necessary precaution to help companies survive the global crisis, but soon businesses started realizing the potential benefits of virtual working and hence absorbed it into their systems. Embracing the system of virtual work has proved to be extremely lucrative to businesses.

By cutting the time and cost of transportation, employees are able to put more time and effort into working. Companies have been able to invest more resources into growth by cost-cutting from offices, canteens, and other types of requirements. Employees are also less likely to call in sick days as they are able to work from the comforts of their house. Working from home, employees are also more productive in a more comfortable working environment and can put in more hours.

2. Digital Employee Monitoring

One of the most crucial responsibilities of the HR department is to track and monitor their employees during work hours. The time and attendance are usually tracked by the process of employees scanning their ID cards while entering and exiting their offices, and the IT team would track their activities.

However, with the rise of virtual work, HR departments also needed to modify their methods of tracking. With the help of many computer applications, monitoring employees working from home has become possible. As of now, digital monitoring has become a highly sought-after skill by big companies and organizations.

3. Microlearning

Microlearning is a form of training and development program offered by the HR department but with an entirely different approach from the traditional long and intensive training session. Microlearning delivers small chunks of information at a time and can span as little as a minute.

Unlike usual training programs, which consist of coaching classes and internships, and can span over days or even weeks, microlearning programs feed skills, knowledge, and data about current affairs in the industries to the employees in the forms of short videos, infographics, small articles, and quick quizzes that can be easily accessed through mobile phones.

This process is not only limited to a particular topic and period of time as a single website or mobile phone application can nourish the workers with pieces of information about new topics and can go on for the entire duration of employment.

4. Diversity and Inclusion Training

As Dubai receives one of the highest numbers of immigrants in the world, and with around 90% of its workforce being migrant workers, businesses here are largely focused on having an HR department that is specialized in managing diverse teams.

This training is not only useful in maintaining a diverse team but also to utilize the benefits that diversity and inclusion offer. Studies have proved that having a diverse workforce results in better productivity, and as a result increases the overall performance of the entire organization.

Having a diverse workforce grants a company with wider perspectives from people of different ethnicity, gender, age group, and economic backgrounds. This not only results in the company reaching a wider group of potential customers but also increased productivity, creativity, and  problem-solving.

Having a diverse team also makes the employees safer and more comfortable being themselves and in return, increases their performance and reduces overall employee turnover.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Learning

It is a challenging task for trainers to keep up with the performance of all of their candidates, which is why AI learning is being increasingly used in training programs. AI analyses the performance of each candidate and structures a training program that is meant to deliver a more personalized guide to the candidate according to their preferences and needs.


HR management is a rising field in the industries, and having a certificate in the field inevitably helps enhance your career. However, it is important to note that businesses and organizations are focused more on modern ways of operating and hence are seeking employees that are updated with the latest affairs. Hence it is crucial to choose a training course that is also up to date with the latest trends in the industries to be able to land a secure job in Dubai.

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