The Reason Behind the Rising Popularity of CHRP Certification

The Reason Behind the Rising Popularity of CHRP Certification


Additionally, the CHRP certification is designed to ensure that HR professionals have a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework and ethical considerations associated with their field. It also focuses on developing their skills in managing employee relations, staffing, training, and compensation. 

The certification process includes passing an examination that tests the candidate's knowledge of HR concepts and practices, as well as having a certain level of work experience in the field. With the CHRP certification, HR professionals can enhance their credentials and position themselves as experts in the industry, leading to greater job satisfaction and career advancement opportunities. These include:

  • ➤ CHRP aspirants are expected to hold an academic degree in HR-related courses or any other relevant credentials
  • ➤ If the candidate has completed a degree from a different stream, it is advisable that they enrol in courses that deal with HR-related topics, such as human resources management, organizational behaviour, finance and accounting, recruitment and selection, etc. This is made more accessible by the comprehensive and well-structured syllabus offered by the HR courses in Dubai
  • ➤ Aspirants with a minimum of five years of experience in Human Resources are eligible to sit for the CHRP exam
  • ➤ Successfully master the preparation and pass the CHRP exam

By enrolling in the CHRP certification course the candidate is promised a full-fledged understanding of :

  • ➤ HR Administration
  • ➤ Training and Development
  • ➤ Recruitment and Selection
  • ➤ Compensation and  Benefits
  • ➤ Exit Management and Policy Making

This article is written with the aim of familiarizing the reader with the benefits associated with earning the CHRP certification. But before diving into that, let us first take a look at the roles and responsibilities associated with a CHRP professional. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a CHRP Professional

  • ➤ HR professionals deal with the identification, development, and execution of corporate objectives. 
  • ➤ HR professionals are given the responsibility of conducting regular staff member evaluations. In this way, they are able to play a direct role in helping employees advance their careers. Additionally, they also ensure the welfare of the employees. They keep a regular check on cases involved with bullying, harassment, etc, to ensure that they are not repeated again.
  • ➤ The primary role of any HR professional is to find and recruit candidates will the right qualifications and skill set to meet the company’s objectives. 
  • ➤ HR professionals are also responsible for calculating the appraisals and bonuses added to the gross pay of an employee. 
  • ➤ The HR professional is responsible for maintaining and regularly updating the employee. Maintaining these records is necessary to analyze the potential skill gaps of the employees.

The Reason Behind the Rising Popularity of CHRP Certification

Given below are the reasons behind the surging popularity of the CHRP certification:

1. Better Job Opportunities

Being the best recognized and most-demanded HR certification, it assures the professionals of a successful career in the HR domain. At the entry-level, candidates can easily settle for administrative roles such as human resource coordinator, staffing coordinator, human resources clerk, and human resources assistant. 

2. Higher Salary

As mentioned in the first point, the CHRP certification promises better job opportunities. Keeping this in mind, one cannot ignore the fact that better jobs offer better salaries. This is supported by the claims of the Human Resources Professional Association and PayScale, Inc. which predicted that CHRP professional earns 13% more than those who are non-certified.

3. Enhances Knowledge and Insights 

The CHRP course is designed to provide the most accurate and relevant insights into all the major areas surrounding business management and administration. The candidates will be able to  enhance their knowledge and skills so as to successfully conduct and execute policies that align with the goals of the organization. 

4. Validates your Professionalism

It is an undeniable fact that the CHRP certification validates the candidate's HR knowledge, workplace readiness, and dedicated services to the organization. This also proves beneficial when you plan to apply for a new job in the future, as employers are able to trust your skills and knowledge on the basis of your CHRP certification.

5. Professional Designation

By procuring the CHRP certification, you will be known respectfully as a Certified Human Resources Professional. CHRP professionals are in high demand because of their deep-rooted insights and knowledge on topics covering the field of Human Resources. Although prohibited in Ontario in order to avoid doubts and confusion about other courses and qualifications, individuals from any other part of the world have the benefit of flaunting this title/designation on email signatures, business cards, letter pads, etc.

Now that you have read the article, an opinion must have been established proclaiming the CHRP certification as the most ideal designation that allows a strategic view into the field of HR. So, if you plan to establish a career in the HR domain, this is the right time to take the CHRP course to ace the CHRP exam.

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